Few industries capture the imagination and complexities of maintenance management like Casinos. Small in comparison to the average city, each casino facility is but a microcosm of the issues that governments face. But is it the scope of maintenance problems or just better maintenance management that enables casinos to operate more successfully than a city?

Similarities Between Casinos and City Assets

I would never suggest that managing a single business facility is the same as trying to manage a city. What I would say is that casinos do have an enormous amount of assets that must be kept in good working condition in order to keep their customers satisfied and have them return.

In contrast cities have more of a locked clientele. Residents cannot move easily and are often held hostage to the whims, corruption and budget constraints of city officials. In essence they are forced to live with whatever maintenance problems occur.

Vegas Casino Assets

Let us take a quick look at some of a large casino assets.

  • Hotel lobbies, hallways and countless high traffic areas to accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors
  • 3,000-5,000 rooms
  • Dozens of restaurants
  • Multiple pools, pool equipment
  • Water systems, plumbing, piping, valves, corrosion problems
  • Industrial HVAC systems plus room controlled HVAC
  • Air handlers and air purifiers
  • Convention centers, event areas
  • Bars, lounges, clubs, music halls, stages, showrooms
  • Industrial laundry facilities
  • Fitness rooms and equipment
  • Professional spas, salons
  • Intricate lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Electronics (room, building, gaming, security)
  • Aquariums and/or other specific attractions
  • Gaming areas and equipment
  • Furnishings and fixtures
  • Gift shops, vendor shops
  • Gazebos, cabanas, patio furniture
  • Elevators
  • Golf courses and golf carts
  • Environmental assets for recycling and waste management
  • Fire, safety and emergency equipment
  • Locks, safes
  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Fuel storage, fuel lines
  • Thousands of employees
  • Parking areas

The above list represents only a handful of the assets that a casino must take care of. Still, they are similar to assets that every city has and represent the type of assets that are constantly in public use.

Every type operation has maintenance problems. From wear and tear to mechanical failures, assets will eventually fail. The key to a successful operation is making sure your assets last as long as possible with a minimal amount of downtime.

Casino Asset Maintenance is not done with a Spreadsheet

Given the diversity of their assets, casinos need to stay on top of all potential and reported problems. This cannot be done with a manual or spreadsheet based asset and maintenance management system.

Casinos recognized the need for better asset and maintenance management a long time ago. Today, almost all modern casinos now make use of an EAM CMMS as part of their operations arsenal.

Why EAM CMMS Solutions

The reasons casinos and other industries use EAM CMMS are for three main benefits. These benefits are:

  1. The core of the system is an information database which provides detail accounting for the location, condition and work history for assets.
  2. All work regardless of whether it is reactive or proactive can be scheduled. Scheduling work helps keep labor costs low and permits work to be done at times that minimizes guest disruption.
  3. EAM CMMS automates much of the work order lifecycle. The ability to complete work orders, work request, inspections using mobile devices saves countless hours of productivity.
Better Maintenance Requires Commitment

It is important to note that EAM CMMS solutions are just tools that casinos asset and maintenance teams can use. Any solution requires a commitment from senior management for proper implementation, training and staffing.

I mention the latter because cities and other municipalities often fail to realize that an asset and maintenance management solution is useless unless they invest in the training and resources needed to properly implement and then manage the system

This brings me back to my original question of is it the scope of maintenance problems or just better maintenance management that enables casinos to operate more successfully than a city?

The answer is that casinos have better, more organized and committed maintenance programs. There is no doubt in my mind that our cities could do a better job of infrastructure maintenance if they took a page from casino management and learned how to manage their operations.