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EAM/CMMS News in the U.S.

This week’s EAM/CMMS news focuses on inventions, automotive malfunctions, and catastrophes that could have potentially been avoided through preventive maintenance.

  1. Apple and IBM release Asset Inspect
    by Apple, Apple and IBM are transforming how business gets done with apps that tap into the full potential of big data and analytics.
  2. Fiat Chrysler Must Buy Back Hundreds of Thousands of Ram Pickups by The Associated Press, Fiat Chrysler must offer to buy back from customers hundreds of thousands of Ram pickup trucks and other vehicles that are vulnerable to rear-mounted gas tanks causing problems for drivers.
  3. Four firefighters injured battling blaze in Sierra Nevada foothills reported by Associated Press, Four firefighters were injured Sunday while battling a Northern California wildfire that threatens 150 homes in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Cable News – Dilemmas and Decisions

This section focuses on cable trends and challenges and how they can affect consumers.

ATT building
  1. Wheeler Blesses AT&T-DirecTV Deal by Alan Breznick, who mentions how FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has come out publicly in favor of AT&T’s proposed buyout of DirecTV as long as the combined company meets several major conditions proposed for the merger.
  2. Comcast Plays Down New OTT Service by Alan Breznick, Comcast executives said they view Stream as mainly an “upsell” product to lure broadband-only customers and millennials to their broader video offerings and also as an extension towards their Xfinity Campus service.
  3. Verizon Dubs New OTT Service Go90 reported by Mari Silbey, Verizon has teased its mobile-first video service for years and specific details on the OTT offering are finally starting to leak out.Find out what features this service will include.
  4. AT&T U-verse TV Hits the Skids
    reported by Alan Breznick, AT&T is now in the uncomfortable position of losing video subscribers rather than gaining them. Find out how AT&T ended their spring quarter.

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