A couple weeks ago Comcast confirmed in its third-quarter earnings call that the company will activate a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) deal signed with Verizon in 2012. The Comcast CEO, Brian Roberts didn’t have any specific news, but he did report that an MVNO plan is in the works, and that it could be an important complement to the cable company’s WiFi initiatives.

Roberts also clarified that Comcast sees the MVNO option as only part of a product set meaning that the cable operator will pursue new spectrum in addition to the MVNO agreement.

Roberts also stated that Comcast will participate in the spectrum auction on the NBCUniversal LLC side, where it may donate spectrum, move channels or share spectrum with wireless providers in exchange for a share of auction proceeds.

Other players including, AT&T and Verizon have made clear their strategies to combine media and mobility to engage more subscribers; this too could be the reason Comcast would like to add this to their portfolio knowing that consumer wants are adjusting.

Cable operators are also continuing to push their improved and expanded upon WiFi footprints. Comcast is currently the leader on the WiFi front. It was reported that the company announced it had installed 11.7 million WiFi hotspots and that it boasts the fastest in-home Wifi.

The other big story coming from Comcast’s quarterly earnings report was the continued acceleration of the company’s X1 video platform, which is now in almost 25% of video subscriber households. The service provider added nearly one million X1 customers in the past three months.

Comcast’s report continued to get better as Roberts pointed out that they nearly quadrupled the reach of their Xfinity on Campus service; it now is available to more than two dozen colleges and universities.

Comcast- The Big Dog on Campus

Comcast continues to raise the bar for other competitors in its space and their subscriber numbers were very promising for third quarter. The company’s number of customer relationships grew by 156,000 to 27.4 million, with revenue per user increasing by 4.3%. Total cable revenue amounted to more than 11.7 billion in the three-month period. Comcast sees the trends changing within customer’s habits and is adjusting in a way to make themselves and customers happy.

Image of multiple computer screens with various images

For the past several months, we have discussed ways in which cable companies can remain relevant in this digital world and Comcast is doing it. Listen to your customer’s wants, play to your strengths and do it well, and add features that customers want and aren’t willing to switch based on prices but more on performance.

It was mentioned above how cable companies discuss the importance of Wifi strength and speed; it is also important to remember to strengthen the current tools and assets you have before adding on more features for consumers. If the original parts don’t work well or aren’t performing to their highest peak then all the add-on’s in the world won’t make a difference.

Main rules to continue to follow to stay relevant in this ever-changing digital world: listen to your customers, follow the trends, and make your service something that customer’s don’t want to live without.