While watching the news today one could see the impact the latest major cold front was having on much of the country. I started wondering which industries shut down due to weather conditions and what they did to prevent equipment or assets exposed to mother nature from being damaged.

It struck me how often the term preventive maintenance is used to describe work done inside facilities or on fleets but much less frequently with assets that are left to sit around idly as a result of weather conditions or seasonality.

So I started thinking (yes-this is a dangerous activity), where else can an EAM solution help inspect and maintain assets infrequently used or unused in harsh environments?

Industries that could use an EAM

  • Municipal governments operating snow equipment
  • Resorts operating ski slopes
  • Universities that close over the holidays
  • Military installations in the arctic and the desert
  • Oil and gas pipelines through uninhabited areas
  • Sports arenas particularly Soldier Field and Mile High Stadium
  • Mining operations in the Rockies
  • Airports and other aviation facilities

All of these venues can lower repair and replacement cost of assets by doing inspections and preventive maintenance in preparation of extreme weather condition or planned shutdowns. What a terrible waste it would be to attempt use of your assets only to find out they have been rusted, cracked or leaked lubrication etc…

Just my thoughts for the day. Where else do you think preventive maintenance is not being performed and should be?