Congratulations to the USA team for advancing to the knockout stages of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. A fantastic injury time goal in the 91st minute is capturing the nation’s attention. The USA team not only won the game but also their group and will face Ghana on Saturday, June 26, a team they lost to in the 2006 World Cup. The win marked only the third victory by a USA team in the World Cup over the last 60 years which makes further advancement all the more compelling to watch.

The USA vs. England last week was the 5th most-watched soccer game in US history. An increase in viewership not only helps to propel soccer into the national spotlight but with each successive round will create additional needs for maintaining assets subject to public use. Most impacted areas for asset management include:

  • Municipal Governments, particularly city maintenance workers, who will have their hands full performing inspections, scheduling repairs making sure common areas do not pose a safety threat.
  • Restaurants, bars and casinos featuring big screen viewing. Alcohol and sporting events – enough said.
  • Hospitals can expect an increase similar to major holidays.

Businesses will also feel an impact as workers eat up the bandwidth either through their computers or connections via handheld WiFi. The increase in bandwidth can slow web connected software, delay emails, and create frustration from VPN users. Productivity suffers before, during and after the game. The good news is a drop in maintenance productivity can easily be discouraged using EAM/CMMS handheld devices. These devices are capable of reporting real time maintenance inspection or repair status.

This article was difficult to write because I grew up in England (die-hard Man City fan) and know the strong desire to watch the games during work hours. In fact, it is difficult to even write about it during normal business hours. On the other hand, I also know the power of celebration and its destructive power when masses collect. It is imperative that US governments and businesses prepare for a new national celebration and not get caught off guard. An EAM/CMMS can help do this by scheduling all maintenance inspections and repairs and provide the tools to be able to ensure tasks are being performed.

The USA schedule is as follows (with my predictions, assuming I have read the brackets correctly):

  • Round of 16 – Saturday June 26 versus Ghana, USA 2 – Ghana 1
  • Quarter-finals – Friday July 2 versus the Argentina, USA 3-2
  • Semi-finals – Wednesday July 7 versus – Brazil, USA 1-0
  • Finals – Sunday July 11 versus England, USA wins 2010 World Cup – 1-0

Tell us your World Cup Predictions.