We have listened to our client’s needs and are pleased to announce that many enhancements, changes and updates have now been implemented with the latest release of Transcendent®. Now your best in class EAM CMMS system is even better than before.

Some of the more significant changes include speeding up the use of EAM CMMS applications on mobile devices, more comprehensive help documentation, ability to use multiple browsers, additional languages and more supported devices. The list below is just a small sample of the changes made.

HTML Help Viewer

Transcendent® now provides comprehensive online help documentation. Users only need to click the help button located at the top of the page to display the help they need. The online tool is equipped with a chapter directory, how-to examples and annotated screen shots to make referencing quick and easy.

EAM CMMS Translations

With the addition of the Dutch, Russian and Japanese languages, Transcendent® now supports the use of 15 different languages. In the next few weeks, we will do a separate blog post that will detail some of the international functionality built into Transcendent®.

New Work Request Form

This allows users to use a new drop down menu with four e-mail notification options. With this feature work request can be tracked and followed-up on to ensure proper maintenance is being performed.

  1. When work order is closed – Requestor will receive only one email message when Work Order is closed.
  2. When status changes – Requestor will receive multiple email messages and those will be sent every time the status of the Work Order changes.
  3. Never – Requestor will not receive any email messages regarding status changes for the Work Order.
  4. When anything changes- Requester will receive email messages at all progress stages of the Work Order.

Mobile Friendly

Several changes have been made to right click on a device menu. New options include reinstalling TrMobile and refreshing databases.

Mobile Speed

The use of Transcendent® on mobile devices has been completely redesigned and optimized. Improved application loading as speeds have increased 5 to 30 times.

  • Optimized inspections performance
  • Faster Rounds as screens load faster and react quicker to user input.
  • Faster sync times
Additional Mobile Devices

We now support the new Motorola ES400. The ES 400 features:

  • Ruggedized with 1.5 m (5 ft) drop to concrete resistance and IP64 protection class.
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Summit embedded 802.11 a/b/g radio for enterprise-class mobile connectivity with CCX V4 certification
  • XScale™ PXA 310 @ 624 MHz processor

Visit our increasing mobility page to see all of our supported devices.

Other EAM CMMS system Enhancements

Other enhancements include better PIN security management, links to inactive documents, a new Reports master, changes to Rounds master, scheduling audit trails, site tree enhancements, a new barcode generator and the auto-resizing of site photos for increased speed of loading.

Look for more improvements coming soon as we strive to continue to be the best in class EAM CMMS solution.