Mintek brings you the latest in EAM/CMMS systems and news in the major cable industries each week from around the globe. Learn how these new developments in EAM/CMMS and cable can affect your business or home.

EAM/CMMS in Manufacturing

This week’s EAM/CMMS news focuses on how the implementation of an EAM/CMMS could help prevent against malfunctions in manufacturing.

Vocational student learns air conditioning repair from an experienced instructor.
  1. Safety Watchlist Finds Stalling Complaints About Fixed GM Cars reported by Gabe Gutierrez and Rich Gardella, As General Motors contests its first civil case in consolidated litigation related to a deadly ignition switch defect, a safety watchlist funded by the parents of a woman who died in a Chevrolet Cobalt has identified complaints about stalling in GM vehicles already repaired as part of the recall.
  2. SpaceX Rocket Explodes Upon Ocean Landing by Reuters, A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from California on Sunday to put a climate-monitoring satellite into orbit, then turned around and botched an attempted landing on a platform at sea, officials said.

Cable News in Your Neighborhood

This week’s Cable updates focus on big cable players making expansions internationally and in the streaming realm.

  1. AT&T to Out-Gigabit Google in 2017 by Mari Silbey, Analysts forecast AT&T’s surge past Google in the gigabit race in 2017 and an overall ten times increase in gigabit connections this year.
  2. Comcast Eyes Global Moves, BYOD & More by Mari Silbey, Comcast Vice President of Product Development and Planning Scott Boyarsky, pointed out that with market consolidation among service providers in the US, it is not strange for Comcast to be looking internationally for new business.
  3. What’s Next for Netflix by Alan Breznick, Netflix executives laid out their vision for conquering the planet with their already nearly ubiquitous web video streaming service.

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