Did you suffer from sticker shock when the last bid for project management and training for an EAM system came across your desk? You knew the price would increase due to labor COL adjustments and rising overhead costs. But what else changed?

Let us start by comparing how much time and effort went into learning how to play video games. As the proud owner of an original Nintendo system, I can tell you that back in prehistoric times, you plugged in the play box, inserted the game cartridge, pressed the big red “A” button and within seconds you were ready to play.

Over time the games (software) became more complex as new programming languages were developed to increase game difficulties, take advantage of technological advancements and meet the consumer need for visual stimulation. User manuals have turned into small books, joysticks have transformed into PS3 devices with almost as functionality as an iphone and some games can be played with thousands of players. New games often have online support forums, user groups and may be interactive or require the internet to play.

How does this relate to the implementation of the new CMMS or EAM system you are looking at? Below are 5 reasons the quote you will receive for training and implementation has increased since your last implementation:

  1. Communication cost has increased (web, net, bandwidth)
  2. Complexity has increased in both technology and systems integration resulting in higher skilled trainers. Documentation costs have skyrocketed
  3. Technical support is more expert based requiring additional labor costs and increased access
  4. There has been a transfer of costs to the EAM software supplier due to costs such as automatic updates/support vs. self install and hosting services for data storage
  5. On site costs have increased due to travel, fuel and lodging since your last implementation

Yes, you always have a choice not to pay for training and try to negotiate a better price for implementation. However the reality is that in order to use the full functionality of any system you need to be properly trained and serviced by professionals. Those professionals could be trainers from the company that makes the software, 3rd party integrators, or even certified trainers within your company; but, it is important to remember that the quality of your implementation will be directly reflected by the quality of your trainers.