We are so excited about our new blog and wanted to share some of this weeks highlights with you. If you have not read these articles on EAM and CMMS, here is your chance to review their summaries. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog

The top article is by far and away our most popular as it ties in understanding your work flow, training, and change management when shopping and installing a CMMS/EAM system all within the confines of an easy reading top ten list.

1. Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Getting “Buy-In” for CMMS/EAM

Author: Stuart Smith

This article captures the key points to consider when purchasing a CMMS/EAM including; the pain the system will address, the integration of technology, training pitfalls and the proper implementation focus points.

Key point: Sometimes you need a change in perspective to understand the obstacles in your way.

2.Customizing Your EAMS/CMMS the Right Way

Author: Stuart Smith

The expectations of usefulness of an EAM/CMMS is determined by the quality of the information gathered during the set up of the system. Quality vendors products allow for enough customization of asset structures to ensure the output reports you receive have the proper value.

Key Point: Garbage In = Garbage Out

3. Top Five Reasons Why EAM/CMMS Training Costs have Increased

Author: Stuart Smith

A light hearted look at the change in complexity of software and hardware over the last 30 years and how this impacts modern Training and Implementation of EAM/CMMS systems

Key Point: I miss the simple big red button on my nintendo controller

4. How Mobile Devices Increase Adoption Rates of CMMS

Author: Stuart Smith

An addendum to an article that David Berger wrote. This blog explains how the use of handheld devices in a CMMS will increase the adoption rates. Most notably, the article describes the positive Human Resource impact on employees.

Key Point: CMMS systems affect more than just efficiencies.

5.Adding Value with an EAM

Author: Stuart Smith

Article list 10 effects an EAM will have on your company and 8 Best Practices for choosing an EAM best suited for your needs. A recurring theme – the article links to the impact of how to manage the implementation through proper change management techniques.

Key Point: Economic conditions have helped springboard EAM solutions into the forefront of company needs not only to manage costs but also to stay competitive. 65% of EAM revenues are being generated by small and mid-size companies.

6. The Evolution of EAM

Author: Stuart Smith

See the evolution of thinking from an expectation of failure (prior to 1970) through the realization that preventative maintenance is far more than just the replacement of assets or parts on a regular schedule but rather a portion of model for proactive management that may involve an entire organization. Informative slide show by Madan Karki of Surya Nepal P. Ltd. describes the evolution.

Key Point: The EAM of today will not be the EAM of tomorrow, methodology and tools are constantly changing the landscape.

7. Change Management with EAM Systems

Author: Stuart Smith

Outstanding article on the best practices of the purchase and implementation process of an an EAM system. Discusses why implementation so often fail and the solution.

Key Point: Think through the idea and create a plan before purchasing an EAM system.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. In addition, we have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting. The best this week are:

1. Trends in EAM Software

Author: Ralph Rio of Arc Advisory Group

Interactive survey to discover trends withing the industry. Just filling out the survey will have you asking yourself important questions.

Key Point: Change is always near us

2. How to Tell if That Solution You’re Buying is Enterprise Level

Author Rich Walker of Efficient Technology Inc.

Here’s a simple set of questions you can use to evaluate software vendors to determine if their solution is truly capable of meeting your enterprise needs.

Key Point: Similar to Mintek article “Adding Value with an EAM” by making sure you ask the “Right” questions before purchasing a solution.

3. Preventive-Predictive Maintenance Technology

Author: Carmelo Romano posted on Blogspot

An overview of CMMS benefits and the impact on employees. Also discusses reactive versus proactive maintenance. Mr. Roman makes a valid case for the potential savings (time and money) by making a change to a CMMS.

Key Point: Change is the hardest part of a CMMS