Tomorrow marks the 9th anniversary of 9/11, do you remember what you were doing when the world stopped for the day? Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families affected since that time. This past week also marked the end of summer in the form of the Labor Day holiday. Now it is time to prepare our facilities by inspecting the damage from a hot summer and preventive maintenance for the winter.

This week’s article, What Did Labor Day Mean to You?, reviewed the history of labor day as well as taking a look at how the change of seasons should be a signal to start inspecting assets to make sure facilities are ready for the change. Asset maintenance postponed due to one of the hottest summers ever recorded needs to be scheduled before winter sets in. We hope everyone had the opportunity to read our blogs and check out our website, but just in case you did not have the time to see our blogs and voter links as they were published, we have summarized them for you here. Please enjoy them and be sure to check back for new articles during the week. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog.

1. What Did Labor Day Mean to You?

Author: Stuart Smith

We are all aware that Labor Day marks the turn of the seasons as well as the beginning of college and professional football. However, how many of you are aware of how the National holiday was conceived. This article summarizes the beginning of Labor Day and how the labor movement forever changed how business is conducted. The also discusses how an EAM/CMMScan be used to handle the enormous amount of inspections that must be done in preparation for the winter months.

Key Point: Labor Day recognizes the effort of the working class to make a better way of life for themselves. Innovation and technology such as an EAM/CMMS can be used to keep these traditions going strong.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. We have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting on. The 4 best this week are:

1. Solar and Nuclear Costs — The Historic Crossover

Author: John O. Blackburn, Sam Cunningham

Wow – the study prepared for by Duke University indicates that the cost for solar electricity is now cheaper than the cost of nuclear energy. The report also points out that increasing the use of solar power is being fought by States with a vested interest in building nuclear plants at a cost of billions.

Key Point: Having the better alternative that we all seek is not going to do anyone any good if the doors are not open.

2. Energy Efficiency Tips from National Building Competition Contestants

Author: Naomi Millán

Naomi’s article provides 5 useful tips from the National Building Competition contestants for developing an effective strategy. The tips listed are also good for developing any corporate strategy as they involve the active engagement of all levels of staff, a commitment to completion, discipline and the use of both old and new technologies to obtain the desired goals.

Key Point: Effective energy efficiency comes from a commitment at all levels of an organization. This means achieving buy-in before starting.

3.CMMS Capabilities

Author: Lindsay Audin

In this article Lindsay talks about the common CMMS features we have all come to know and love including asset management, preventive maintenance and the handling of work orders. He also adds a good section that outlines the type of questions facility managers should be asking of their vendors such scalability, the integration with other systems and the use of handheld devices.

Key Point: I think Lindsay has been reading some of my articles on what to consider when selecting a CMMS vendor or that great minds think alike – lol.

4.Effective planning: Getting past ‘find it, fix it and move on’

Author: John Crossan

John’s article ask the question why do we keep fixing the same things over and over. He also discusses that one of the keys to avoiding this issue to  use your CMMS for maintenance problem tracking including detailed work order completion. Then identifying patterns and making adjustments.

Key Point: The famous quote – “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it” – remains as true as always. I would add a quote by Albert Einstein – “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

What We Learned This Week

This week theme is learning from the past. Lessons can always be learned from looking at the events or issues of the past. Learning from our past mistakes helps us to get better. This applies to maintenance, asset and energy management. At the risk of being too opinionated, we should also be asking if politics or greed is standing in the way of more efficient and economical energy sources such as electricity from solar power.