The end of a holiday week is a time catch up on the latest news and events in the world. The World Cup reached its conclusion this weekend with Spain taking the honors but Paul the Octopus basking in international glory after picking 8 of 8 game winners. Now the challenge for South Africa is how to maintain their investment in their stadiums and infrastructure improvements for the long term by using an EAM/CMMS.

Our most popular article of the week was titled the 7 Deadly Sins of Asset Management which was somewhat humorous look at signs that asset management professionals make. We hope everyone had the opportunity to read our blogs and check out our website, but just in case you did not have the time to see our blogs and voter links as they were published, we have summarized them for you here. Please enjoy them and be sure to check back for new articles during the week. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog.

1. 7 Deadly Sins of Asset Management

Author: Stuart Smith

The 7 Deadly Sins describe actions by people that are considered negative or prevent harmony. This article applies the 7 deadly sins to asset management for a somewhat humorous look at how to discover what is going wrong. A special bonus sin was added for good measure. How many sins is your organization committing?

Key Point: Find a struggling asset management operation and you will find a deadly sin.

2. Plugging the Water Utility Leaks with Increased Inspections

Author: Stuart Smith

How bad is our nations water infrastructure? The amount of water lost from leaks in an average city is 3-10 times the amount of the Gulf Oil Spill. Government estimates indicate that over $ 300 billion dollars is needed to fix our nations water supply problems. This number will increase significantly as cities with 70-150 year old pipes see a staggering increase in asset failures.

Key Point: Municipal water utilities still have time to act before catastrophic asset failures occur.

3. Halting Wastewater Inefficiency with a CMMS

Author: Stuart Smith

The article looks how CMMS software can help address the corrosion and the subsequent water loss in our nations wastewater systems. Keys to success include getting back control of maintenance operations to become proactive in the early detection of leaks as well as increasing preventive maintenance.

Key Point: It is not too late to start using a CMMS solution as it will help wastewater management understand where all their assets are and what condition they are in.

4. It’s not necessary to become a geek to learn how wind energy works

Author: Mary Jones

This guest post by Mary explains how wind energy actually works and how costs per watt are related. Mary’s detailed explanation of how wind energy works is outstanding and a must read.

Key Point: Non-polluting energy source, a great back up for small businesses or homes and just a few parts to maintain with an EAM system.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. We have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting on. The 3 best this week are:

1. An effective PM program requires a solid foundation

Author: Jeff Shiver

Jeff’s article makes a good point that an effective preventive maintenance program needs to have the proper top management support. Top support is required because it helps set the needed expectations in an organization. Jeff makes another great point that any maintenance solution needs to be thought out before implementation.

Key Point: It is difficult for any maintenance management solution to achieve the desired results if the organizational maintenance needs and expectations have not been carefully integrated.

2. Corporate climate change activities are being driven by evolving customer demands

Author: Posted on Plant

This relatively short article reports recent survey results from approximately 300 companies over 1 billion in revenues. Of interest was that 82% of the executive were committed to investing in energy efficiency as a result of consumer pressures.

Key Point: Energy efficiency is big business.

3. Proactive Facility Maintenance

Author: LinkedIn Forum Discussion

Sometimes a discussion forum is a good place to find information. We are happy to link you to a very active discussion occurring on LinkedIn. The discussion began as “in facility management we typically operate in the reactive mode responding to work orders and trouble calls daily. What has anyone done to operate more proactively?

Key Point: There may not be just one solution for your facility. In addition, there is lots of misinformation on the internet as people try to promote one methodology over another.

What We Learned This Week

This weeks theme was that basic preventive maintenance activities using an CMMS can help our nation’s aging water systems infrastructure by helping management teams take back proactive control of maintenance operations. However, even better asset management come from using an EAM system which provides the tools necessary for asset lifecycle management.