We were very happy this week to reach our 100th blog milestone. The acceptance and recognition from industry leaders is gratefully accepted. This week also marks the beginning of the world’s most popular sporting event, the 2010 World Cup taking place in South Africa starting June 11 and running through July 11, 2010. Events like the World Cup are an opportunity for almost every industry to highlight its best. The logistics of this event are mind boggling and yet the games will proceed with most people never realizing the effort it took to produce them. The unsung heroes are of course facility and maintenance professionals who provide the glue to hold the event together.

We hope everyone had the opportunity to read our blogs and voter links as they were published, we have summarized them for you here. Please enjoy them and be sure to check back for new articles during the week. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog or on our 100th EAM and CMMS blog post.

1. CMMS for Sporting Event Security and Safety

Author: Stuart Smith

CMMS software can do more for a company than just provide maintenance efficiencies and cost savings. This article points out other benefits including how a CMMS can lower liability and enhance safety compliance for sports stadiums as well as hotels.

Key Point: Regularly scheduled inspections of assets and proper preventive maintenance may shield hotels and sporting venues from asset negligence claims.

2. Top 8 Reasons You Might Need EAM Work Order Management

Author: Stuart Smith

This post points out 8 questions facility managers can ask to determine their need for an enterprise asset management solution. The core question really revolves around how to tell if maintenance management has control of the workflow.

Key Point: You cannot teach someone who is unwilling to accept change that there is a better way. They have to reach this conclusion themselves.

3. 100 EAM & CMMS Blog Posts

Author: Chris Kluis

Our 100th blog post – Hurray!!!. The post list all 100 articles plus quotes from readers and includes a special presentation of our Flagship product – Transcendent®, EAM/CMMSsolution. For new readers, the Mintek blog is rarely about our products and focuses on the applications for which an EAM/CMMS can be used. We hoped that you have enjoyed our first 100 posts and look forward to writing many more.

Key Point: 100 posts is a lot of writing and the number shows our commitment as well as intent to stay a leading provider of EAM/CMMS system solutions.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. We have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting on. The 5 best this week are:

1. Use the CMMS to support your strategy for accountability

Author: David Berger

David’s article discusses changes in CMMS technology as it relates to modernizing the approval process for facilities budgets, work management, procurement and inventory. He makes a good point that electronic and digital signatures are not only becoming more common but that they are required in many places.

Key Point: Technology is forcing changes. I would encourage everyone to know the difference between an electronic and digital signature.

2. What Have You Done For Your Tenants Today?

Author: Linda Day Harrison

Linda’s post touches on one of the most basic business truths in that we are here to service our customers because without them there is no business. Her article suggest property managers show more concern about their tenants and the tenant’s needs for better customer service. This includes taking care of everything from maintenance issues to listening to their needs.

Key Point: It costs far more to attract new tenants than it does to keep them. It is the reason why client retention should be a major focus of every organization.

3. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Author: Don Sapp This article written by Don Sapp may be one of the best synopsis of a CMMS you can read. Although lengthy by blog standards it contains a very accurate description of a CMMS as well as sections on applications, common mistakes and why implementations fail.

Key Point: A CMMS is not a toy or something that should be purchased off the shelf, it is a tool that requires thought and commitment to work as intended.

4. Water Leaks Can Add Up

Author: Anne

A short but valuable article with actual estimates of the costs of water leaks and waste. It is not hard to imagine a large facility without at least a few water leaks. Is your facility one of these.

Key Point: Water leaks can add up. Proper preventive maintenance and inspections can stop water leaks from impacting your cash flow.

5. Energy visibility: Do we really manage what we measure?

Author: Peter Garforth

Peter’s article suggest a different perspective to the old adage, we only manage what we measure. The article suggest that people are more likely to pay attention to what they see. When it comes to energy managing devices, something visual has more of an impact than a computer fed report. His example of a large LED display showing energy usage on a device is fantastic.

Key Point: As energy efficiency gains momentum and importance, management can try new methods to increase its visibility as well as the impact of energy consumption.