Memorial Day is upon and here at Mintek we hope everyone takes a moment to honor those veterans who have served our country. Outside of the Gulf Oil spill disaster, it has been a relatively slow news week. We hope everyone had the opportunity to read our blogs and voter links as they were published, we have summarized them for you here. Please enjoy them and be sure to check back for new articles during the week. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog.

Our featured article this week was a sarcastic thank you to British Petroleum (BP) for failing to invest in the proper safeguards that would have avoided the gulf oil catastrophe that is taking place.

1. Why BPs Terrible Maintenance Management Can Lead to a Fun Weekend

Author: Stuart Smith

There is no question that the gulf oil spill was an avoidable disaster and that poor/greedy judgment resulted in what is currently a larger oil spill than the Exxon Valdez and continues to grow. Being an optimist, I took a look at a few of the reasons that one can still go to the beaches this weekend and have a good time. Enjoy the article and if you can think of a few new ideas drop me a line.

Key Point: BP would not need to be running from accountability for its actions had it implemented an EAM/CMMS to make sure all maintenance was being done and equipment was working properly.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. We have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting on. The 3 best this week are:

1. Increasing the value of Facilities Management in higher education

Author: Stack

This article was the result of a survey taken of Facility Managers at a recent meeting of APPA (formerly the Association of Physical Plant Administrators. The survey identified 6 majors areas of concern. They are: improving accountability, planning for workforce change, integrating sustainability into total operations, implementing total cost of ownership practices, making facilities a strategic partner with leadership and leading change. The article discusses they issues for each subject.

Key Point: “Facilities represent a significant portion of every budget. Access to pertinent, real time information by decision makers and leaders is an essential premise to accountability”.

2. Legislation ensures that federal buildings are operated at peak efficiency

Author: Posted on

The article discusses the introduction of new legislation aimed at reducing the energy costs in federal buildings that is currently over $17 billion per year. Objectives include increased training on proper facilities maintenance and retrofitting buildings to be more energy efficient.

Key Point: “A recent study by the International Facilities Management Association showed that for every $1.00 spent on facility management training, organizations reported receiving an average of $3.95 in return”.

3.Hotel CMMS Will Increase Your Guest Intent-to-Return Rates

Author: Pat Allen

Pat’s article points out the benefits that a CMMS system can have for Hotels and Resorts who are looking to increase returning client rates. His article goes on to point the additional benefits for Hotels and Resorts including better costs controls as well as more accurate capital planning.

Key Point: Hotels spend millions of dollars trying to attract new travelers but for a fraction of that amount (invested in a CMMS) they can achieve the same results.

What We Learned This Week

We learned two things this week. The first was that educators as well governments are quickly understanding the change of importance for facilities management. Controlling energy costs is crucial to our economies survival. To do so a greater emphasis must be placed on educating business and business leaders as well as making changes to our buildings infrastructures. Secondly we learned that that some mistakes can not be dismissed or covered up as BP has tried to do because the impact may be catastrophic.