Every industry can benefit from better organization and maintenance of its assets. This is especially true of the Hotel and Lodging industries where image creates the consumer desire to stay at a particular facility. As a result, it is critical that maintenance management both at the local and corporate levels employ the use of CMMS tools to ensure all assets are maintained. We hope everyone had the opportunity to read our blogs and voter links as they were published, we have summarized them for you here. Please enjoy them and be sure to check back for new articles during the week. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog.

The most popular post of the week covered 10 advantages of a CMMS for Hotels/Resorts. Interestingly enough, the article did not focus on the local maintenance use of a web-based CMMS but rather on the advantages to corporate decision makers by discussing the impact of multi-location standardization of maintenance operations as their positive impact on the customer experience.

1. Should the Lodging Industry be using a CMMS

Author: Stuart Smith

This post talks about how a CMMS can benefit the lodging industry by bridging the gap between the need to lower costs and the need to remain competitive with market offerings. As in any industry “Cash is King”, CMMS maintenance software lowers maintenance costs by lowering reactive repairs with proactive scheduling of inspections and preventive maintenance. The faster response times to customer issues using a proactive maintenance approach also give customers a greater level of satisfaction when problems are reported.

Key Point: Proper preventive maintenance is proven to lengthen asset lifecycles. The result is fewer capital expenditures freeing up needed monies for marketing programs.

2. 10 Advantages of a CMMS for Hotels/Resorts

Author: Stuart Smith

A web-based CMMS has advantages for both hotel management as well as hotel corporate management. The article lists 10 advantages hotels/resorts have by having a CMMS system solution. Most notable of these advantages is the knowledge of maintenance issues across all properties and ensuring that all corporate maintenance policies such as inspections are being performed.

Key Point: Good maintenance management can significantly impact the bottom line of an organization. Best results for hotels and resorts are achieved with a web-based CMMS.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. We have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting on. The 5 best this week are:

1. Are LED Fluorescent Tubes Ready for Prime Time?

Author: Houston Neal

Very nice article by Mr. Neal comparing the pros and cons and a cost comparison of LED and fluorescent tubes. The article discusses the difference between the technologies and articulately compares the two in terms of lumens, watts, lifespan, color temperature and costs. Since the articles posting there has been a lot of comments posted. Good reading for those wanting to know what the debate is all about.

Key Point: As the costs to manufacture LEDs continues to decline, they will eventually replace fluorescent lighting in much the same way that fluorescent lights have been replacing incandescent bulbs. Energy efficiency will be the driving factor.

2. Money talks in quest to reduce waste

Author: Robert Apelgren

This was a relatively short article that my attention because it makes mention of a proven traditional business incentive to achieve adoption of a company program. In this instance the program revolved around increasing awareness within a company to reduce waste by offering monetary bonuses based upon the amount of waste was reduced. Everyone wins in this situation, reducing waste increases cash flow, it helps the environment and most importantly is actively engages employees to take action. I have seen similar programs set up in companies to encourage productions gains or even customer service ratings. When cash is not available, other methods of encouragement such as employee recognition, comp. time (where permitted), lunch with the boss etc. may be used.

Key Point: When trying to accomplish a corporate objective of actively engaging employees for improvement, incentives can work like a charm. For example, increasing the adoption rate of an EAM/CMMS by offering a bonus to the maintenance team member that completes the most work orders using mobile handheld devices.

3. Energy Perspective

Author: Posted on Green Econometrics

This article reviews the concern for dependence on oil for energy production. The article suggests that the USA dependence on oil will not go away without a new energy strategy that can dramatically decrease energy consumption.

Key Point: “Even if solar and wind supplied all of our electrical energy needs, it would still only be 30 percent of our energy needs.

4. Best practices for installing safety valves

Authors: Kelley Paffel

The first of two articles by Kelley, this post provides some good guidelines to follow for installing safety valves. Included are detailed sections for how to size a pipe properly, doing the install and vent piping guidelines. Once installed it is important valves and fittings are regularly inspected for leaks, corrosion or other items requiring preventive maintenance.

Key Point: A poorly installed or faulty valve can cause catastrophic issues. Proper installation takes skill and knowledge. “The proper selection, installation and use of safety valves require a complete understanding of ASME code and any additional requirements insurance companies or local jurisdictional authorities adopted”

5. Why return condensate to the boiler?

Authors: Kelly Paffel

An excellent article identifying the advantages of reusing/recapturing steam generated by boilers that is currently going to waste. The advantages include increasing efficiency as well as decreasing chemical and sewer systems costs. Although reusing steam may seem to be obvious, there are several factors that can prevent capturing this energy properly including corrosion, having proper steam vents, insulation and pumps.

Key Point: With energy costs continuing to rise, plants must evaluate all assets for methods to recover lost energy waste.

What We Learned This Week

This week’s Voter Links put the spotlight on some of the methods, ideas and technology that can be used to address awareness or improvement of energy efficiency. Successful programs have incorporated technology such as LED lighting, monetizing energy/waste savings for employees as well as identifying areas to reuse lost energy. The national spotlight on energy efficiency has gone beyond simple awareness and has resulted in a call to action in many business cultures.