Is it Spring yet? We hope everyone had the opportunity to read our blogs and check out our website. However, just in case you did not have the opportunity to see our blogs and voter links as they were published, we have summarized them for you here. Please enjoy them and be sure to check back for new articles during the week. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog.

This weeks articles centered around how and when organizations discover they should have been doing preventive maintenance. In additionally, a look was taken at the focus of top C-Level executives from around the globe to counteract sliding revenues. The most popular article of the week was Preventive Maintenance Humor (10 signs Your Company is Strugglingwhich finds some humor in situations with regard to preventive maintenance and inspections.

1. Preventive Maintenance Humor (10 Signs Your Company is Struggling)

Author: Stuart Smith

This short article finds some humor where a lack of inspections and/or preventive maintenance results in embarrassing situations.

Key Point: I have to wonder what people were thinking when it cost a thousand times more to repair/replace than it would have to a little preventive maintenance

2. 7-Eleven Fails at Maintenance on Undercover Boss. It’s Salvageable.

Author: Chris Kluis

Chris discussed an episode of Undercover Boss and how a simple maintenance issue was being handled at a 7-11 store. The article resulted in several spirited discussions on the social media site LinkedIn. The issue at hand was maintenance service requests need to be handled via a telephone call or is there a better suited method.

Key point: It appeared that 7-11 stores despite their size did not make use of professional CMMS maintenance tools that are available

3. Are Reducing Operations Expenses and Maintenance Budgets the Right Direction To Go?

Author: Stuart Smith

The article was a reaction to a webinar on Top Strategies for Asset Performance Management. The webinar presented research results from C-Level executives regarding their top priorities for the coming year. An analysis of their priorities suggest that the C-Level executives may not be thinking with long term strategies in mind. It would appear C-level executives are all too often failing to understand the workflow of their organization and therefore are unable to identify the true opportunity. The opportunity is not to reduce headcount or cutback on maintenance but to fix broken processes that prevent you from doing more with less.

Key Point: Change is part of strategic planning and must be thought out carefully before implementing knee-jerk reactions to economic situations.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. We have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting on. The 5 best this week are:

1. Property Management from A-Z: I

Author: Kathleen Richards

Kathleen discusses how her property handles inspections using a handyman with a prepared checklist. This checklist provides a valuable maintenance history.

Key Point: Keeping an regular eye on the condition of property units helps to deflate security deposit issues.

2. Better performing plants mean better performing businesses

Author: Posted on

PlantServices posted the highlights of recent research by The Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA ). The major lights discussed, how some companies are actually improving their performance metrics and the correlation between good plant performance with business performance.

Key Point: Any company can improve business performance with the implementation of structure and management commitment.

3. How to Conserve Water at Home And in The Workplace

Author: Justin March

Justin talks about water conservation in the home and in business. The article draws attention to high usage areas such as bathrooms, dishwashers, laundry and garden. In addition to reducing unnecessary waste , Justin talk briefly about the value of preventive maintenance to reduce water loss.

Key Point: Leaking faucets, half load laundry, running the water until a certain temperature is reached etc… can lead to enormous water loss over a short period of time.

4. CMMS Software brings many benefits

Authors: Posted on World Today Online

This article discusses how CMMS systems have grown to meet modern needs. The article specifies 5 areas that have seen changes. These areas include system flexibility, enhanced mobility, user friendliness, visibility, stronger integration with EAMand ERP systems.

Key Point: CMMS systems are doing more today than ever before.

5. CMMS Software Trends

Authors: Posted on Custom Hats

A relatively brief article on focusing on why use a CMMS. The article touches on the increase in specialized industry modules, the monitoring of assets, condition based maintenance, being at a competitive disadvantage if a company is not making use of a CMMS .

Key Point: It is tough to maximize overall equipment effectiveness without a CMMS .