We wish everyone a happy holiday season. In case you did not have the opportunity to see our blogs and voter links as they were published. Here are this week’s highlights. Please enjoy them over the holidays. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog.

This weeks articles were heavily focused on preventive maintenance as the winter storms gave rise to numerous questions about the care of high dollar assets. This weeks most popular article took a look at Reserve Studies and how the information contained in a study could be used in an EAM.

1. How Acronyms Can Be Confusing

Author: Stuart Smith

It seems like new acronyms are popping up everywhere as vendors try to distinguish themselves from the competition. Steven Hanks of IWMS wrote a good article which we reposted with some additional comments.

Key Point: There isn’t one solution that fits all needs. It should be noted that each solution such as EAM, CMMS, CAFM etc. has continued to evolve in scope over the last few years and will continue to change in the coming years . As these solutions continue to change we believe you can expect more confusion not less.

2. Mintek Announces New Glossary for EAM/CMMS

Author: Stuart Smith

We announced the publishing of our glossary with a few key terms in order to help readers better understand the terminology and acronyms used within the industry, our blog and throughout Transcendent literature..

Key point: New terms to be added regularly.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. In addition, we have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting. The 5 best this week are:

1. A Capital Investment Decision-making Model

Author: Jim Turner

A matrix oriented analysis of the 5 step process to facilitate the decision making process to determine the needs of a company with regard to capital investments.

Key Point: Failure to get buy-in is critical to the ultimate success of the process.

2.Predictive Maintenance New Tools

Author: Sheila Kennedy

Sheila takes a look new ultrasonic techniques and applications in order too establish optimal operating parameters, thereby extending asset life. She goes on to explain the impact of ultrasonic condition monitoring.

Key Point: Condition monitoring suppliers are developing interfaces to enterprise asset management systems so that work orders, inventory requests and associated processes can be activated automatically.

3. Research: Manufacturers explore social media benefits for ERP

Author: Mark T. Hoske

Mark reports on a recent survey conducted by Reed’s RBI Interactive Research Group on behalf of IFS. The study shows more and more companies are turning to social media outlets to leverage their enterprise platforms for integration of social media; environmental management and measurement, and aging workforce.

Key Point: 63% of respondents perceive value in ERP-social media integration.

4. Web-based energy savings tool calculates the potential energy savings available with occupancy sensors. The energy calculator comes with two assessment levels to help maximize ROI for major projects

Author: PlantServices.com

Announcement of a free, web-based energy savings calculating tool that allows users to calculate the potential energy savings available with occupancy sensors.

Key Point: Energy calculator is designed to help users identify lighting control strategies that best match energy savings goals for retrofit or new construction projects.

5. Why EAM, CMMS, CAFM, FMIS, CIFM, IWMS and Other Acronyms Are Confusing

Author: Steven Hanks

Steve offers a method of getting a handle on all the different acronyms that floating about the industry. Article has a structural model for the world of IWMS and its relation to other acronyms and fields.

Key Point: Purchasers of vendor products needs to really understand what their pain is before they shop for a solution.