It is a brand new week and here at Mintek, we hope you all have had a great weekend. The Top EAM and CMMS Stories will now be published on Mondays for the previous week’s articles. Just in case you did not have the opportunity to see our blogs and voter links as they were published, we have summarized them for you here. Please enjoy them and be sure to check back for new articles next week. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog.

The main focus this week was on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The national push toward green buildings has opened doors for many facilities to take a new look at reducing energy cost. The most popular article of the week was 5 Energy Saving Ideas That You May Not Have Of which took a look some non-obvious methods of reducing energy cost.

1. 5 Energy Savings Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

Author: Stuart Smith

Adjusting the workweek, installing lighting sensors, unplugging computers and office equipment, partnering with an innovator, and slow conversion of older buildings to become green buildings are 5 underutilized methods of reducing energy costs. Read the full article to learn more.

Key Point: Although the ideas are mostly common sense, achieving the full impact takes a little planning.

2. Is Breakdown Maintenance Management Smart For Closing Facilities?

Author: Stuart Smith

Is a break down maintenance strategy ever a good idea? This article lists 6 reasons senior management should not sacrifice preventive maintenance even if a plant/facility may shut down or is getting ready to shut down.

Key point: Preventive maintenance is still the heart of condition based and predictive maintenance solutions. The smart decision is not to go to a breakdown maintenance option.

3. Renewable Energy Stepping Up To The Plate

Author: Stuart Smith

The article briefly discusses the stimulus package signed into law in 2009 and the opportunity to convert facilities to green buildings.

Key Point: The monies have provided an exceptional opportunity for innovators, entrepreneur’s and established businesses to develop new products, strategies, and markets in order achieve the stimulus package goals.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. We have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting on. The 5 best this week are:

1. Be proactive, not reactive, with hydraulic hoses

Author: Gary Kleiner

Gary writes about the dangers of failing hydraulic hoses, their proper care and the impacts of failing to do preventive maintenance on them.

Key Point: Identifying and replacing worn hydraulic hose assemblies before they fail saves money and potentially saves lives.

2. Maintenance in the Power Industry: Ensuring Reliability

Authors: Dr. Ken Ferguson and Sandra DiMatteo

Interesting article discussing the aging of the maintenance workforce and the implications of a knowledge shortage for various industries. The article also discusses possible solutions.

Key Point: Replacing the knowledge loss requires change

3.Preventive Maintenance Programs

Author: Jim

I liked this very short article because it looks at a CMMS at its core functions with regard to home preventive maintenance. The concept is easily expanded into facilities and other industries.

Key Point: CMMS is an organizer for a preventive maintenance to-do list.

4. Condition-based Maintenance With CMMS Programs

Author: Aaron Baunee

Aaron provides a discussion on the value of condition based maintenance in reducing expenses when used with a CMMS.

Key Point: CBM can reduce the need for traditional maintenance and free up resources for priority work

5. Phase 3 – Budgeting and Schedules sect. 2 of 3

Author: Posted by Hotel Engineering Mgmt

The article presents an engineering perspective once a budget has been approved which is the process of monitoring and making adjustments. 

Key Point: Setting an action plan consisting of monitoring methods, procurement and action planning and logistics