We welcome everyone to the New Year and hope that you had a wonderful holiday. With the New Year before us we can all look forward (and hope) for an economic turnaround. However, even when the economy does turnaround it is important not to lose sight of the importance of maintenance visibility.

Good maintenance practices can help all business weather the storm. It is no surprise that our most popular article over the holidays was a listing of the Top 50 Resources for Asset Management. The list can help anyone looking for maintenance answers find the help they need.

We hope everyone had the opportunity to read our blogs and check out our website, but just in case you did not have the time to see our blogs and voter links as they were published, we have summarized them for you here. Please enjoy them and be sure to check back for new articles during the week. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog.

1. Top 50 Resources for Asset Management

Author: Stuart Smith

We looked long and hard to identify the top 50 asset management resources for you. This post contains a list of blogs, website and people who can help your organization. A wide spectrum of asset management was covered ranging from property management to training to plant management. Be part of next year’s list by contributing to the online asset and maintenance management community.

Key Point: It is a pleasure to network with and recognize industry leaders. Great job everyone!

2. What is a commonly overlooked safety and reliability area that affects the entire facility?

Author: Don Fitchett

Don’s guest article discussed how PLC safety and reliability affects machines in every industry across the globe. His article points out the impact of training, a lack of policies and procedures, complacency and security can put an organization at great risk.

Key Point: Why would you have better safety and reliability features in your car than a more expensive machine at your facility?

3. Top 10 CMMS New Year’s Resolutions

Author: Stuart Smith

Our New Year’s post reflecting on how leadership affects change particularly in a CMMS environment. The post list 10 ways to make your CMMS more effective for the coming year. One of the most important resolutions is to plan and use new technologies that can improve reliability, lower operational expenses and increase efficiency.

Key Point: Great maintenance will be a combination of simple preventive maintenance combined with predictive technologies where applicable.

4. Hotel Preventive Maintenance Keeping the Pipes Clean

Author: Stuart Smith

How fast can corrosion set in? After visiting a major hotel in the area, I discovered that the maintenance team deals with leaks on a continual basis as a result of corrosion that takes place within a year (using city water). Corrosion is often found at pipe intersections, around valves and any place that water changes direction or flow speed.

Key Point: A good preventive maintenance program ensures that all endangered points are inspected on a regular basis so that maintenance and repair can take place before an asset is shut down unexpectedly.

5. Boxing Day, Celebrations and Maintenance

Author: Stuart Smith

Our boxing day post looked at the history of boxing day and how it is used by much of Europe as a time to perform maintenance on equipment. Boxing Day was of special importance this past year as extreme weather conditions caused facilities to inspect assets for cold and ice damage.

Key Point: Every holiday is an opportunity to catch up or perform inspections and preventive maintenance as this is when the least amount of people are likely to be affected.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. We have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting on. The 5 best this week are:

1. Electrical Preventive Maintenance Will Keep You Safe and Warm

Author: Stuart Smith

Stuart’s guest post for the Business Industrial Network covered the importance of performing electrical preventive maintenance inspections in plants, utilities or other facilities. The article list 10 reasons to perform an inspection, how often a complete inspection should be performed, and some of the available tools such as program logic controllers that will help.

Key Point: Freezing temperature means an increase in heat generation. It is too late to do electrical preventive maintenance if the fire department has already arrived.

2. Integrating Thermography With Your CMMS-EAM Systems

Author: Josh White

Josh’s article talked about the basic components of CMMS and Infrared Thermography and how although different, they need to work together to be of greatest value to an organization. His article suggest a number of interfaces and tools that can be used to bridge the gap.

Key Point: “Software when used as intended can lower program costs significantly and by eliminating manually intensive data entry the prospects of using an integrated data base within a portable PDM instrument like a thermography camera are greatly enhanced”

3. Leveraging the Visibility of your IR/T PdM Program at the Corporate Level

Author: Management Resources Group

This article discusses how Thermography, as one of the most important predictive maintenance tools, is welcomed by maintenance professionals. The article explains that having a picture of the problem that may not be readily visible to the naked eye helps maintenance staff to understand and resolve problems.

Key Point: A picture can answer a thousand questions.

4. Postpone Capital Renewal Projects : Double Your Costs And Your Headaches

Author: Michel Theriault

Michel article discusses the true shortfall of having a capital budget plan that is too small resulting in breakdown management for items deemed too unimportant. His article gives an example of an elevator that was known to be needing replacement but the replacement was always postponed. When it finally failed the cost to replace the elevator was twice what was planned and took longer providing more than just an inconvenience to the facility and its tenants.

Key Point: Michel suggest setting aside a small portion of the capital funding each cycle for unplanned breakdowns.

5. ASHRAE Applauds Federal Training Law Signing

Author: Heidi

Heidi’s short update noted a law passed on December 14th providing federal workers with training they need to construct and maintain environmentally sound buildings. The article goes onto note that Federal workers have access to licenses and certifications for a series of core competencies.

Key Point: This law is a significant advancement for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of our nation’s federal buildings.

What We Learned This Week

Over the holidays we learned that there are lots of great resources like blogs, people and websites along with good software and predictive maintenance tools that can help facilities in all industries. The challenge is and always will be educating people on how they can best make use of the knowledge available to them.

We also learned that regardless of the tools available problems like corrosion do happen and sometimes the best course of action may be the simplest which is to inspect assets using the basic senses of sight, sound, smell and touch.