After a couple of weeks of frigid temperatures it so nice to feel the sun’s warmth again on this pleasant Friday. Just in case you were too busy staying warm and did not have the opportunity to see our blogs and voter links as they were published, we have summarized them for you here. Please enjoy them over the weekend and be sure to check back for new articles next week. You can find a complete listing on the Mintek Blog.

This weeks articles took a look at the effects of dust and corrosion on shortening the lifecycle of assets. The most popular article of the week discussed the impact of dust reacting with moisture and how preventive maintenance can stop equipment failure.

1. The Secret Damage Of Dust

Author: Stuart Smith

Dust is everywhere and collects in visible or unseen areas. By itself dust can clog cooling fans or interfere with readings from sensitive equipment. When combined with the moisture corrosion can bring a machine to the point of failure.

Key Point: Outside of placing machines in a vacuum which is not practical, dust damage must be addressed with preventive maintenance.

2.Preventive Maintenance and Inspections Can Defeat Corrosion

Author: Stuart Smith

Corrosion is a fact of life for assets composed of metal. Left unattended corrosion will cause part and/or system failure on machines. The article takes a look at the causes and types of corrosion.

Key point: Scheduling inspections and preventive maintenance is the only real option to combat corrosion. Once corrosion has achieved a foothold, the expected lifecycle of an asset is greatly decreased.

Read Relevant Articles That We Found Last Week

But wait there is more. In addition, we have found several more articles that you might find to be interesting. The 5 best this week are:

1.The Total EAM Vision Strategic Advantages in Asset Management

Author: unknown posted on a CMMS Blog

Really nice article describing the EAM advantages. The article also discusses two myths sometimes associated with EAMs put forth by lower quality vendors.

Key Point: For a corporation to understand the potential impact of EAM it first needs to understand the strategic importance of asset management.

2.Tips for maintaining a complete and accurate equipment registry

Author: Bob Schindler on ReliablePlant Blogs

Bob does a nice job of describing the importance of making sure your assets are set up correctly in an EAM or CMMS. This includes such information as equipment name, manufacturer name, model number, serial number, date installed, location and description.

Key Point: Garbage In = Garbage Out, get the most return for your system by making sure the base asset data is set up to maximize results.

3.The Top 10 Green Building Trends to Look for in 2010

Author: Andrea

The article takes a look at 10 Green trends for 2010 including sustainability focus, reviewing building performance, training, LEED guidelines and more.

Key Point: Maybe it is time to Green existing buildings not just make new Green buildings.

4.Total Productive Maintenance Implementation

Author: Posted on Preventive-Predictive Maintenance Technology site

The article discusses the importance and gives some examples for why  complete buy-in form management and staff is necessary to successfully implement a TPM system. This issue is really a part of change management and how organizations could handle implementations better.

Key Point: Implementing TPM concepts requires buy-in from top management and the work force.

5. Commercial Hvac Maintenance Economics 101

Author: Posted on Xinca

HVAC maintenance can be reactive or proactive. Reactive maintenance will generally be more expensive especially in the short run. The article covers essential reasons why maintenance should not be deferred (reactive).

Key Point: The risk of poor reliability is not worth the cost of a preventive maintenance program.