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EAM/CMMS news in the U.S.

Featured EAM CMMS stories revolve around facility automation and ‘green’manufacturing practices.

  1. XT Green Brings Advanced ‘Green’ Manufacturing Tech To San Bernardino by XT Green, XT Green has brought a new technology to recover carpet from landfills to a 126,620-square-foot manufacturing facility in Rancho Cucamonga in San Bernardino County. The firm plans to employ approximately 60 workers for new “green jobs” that include skilled advanced manufacturing positions plus office support.
  2. New Digital Solution Brings Remote Domain Expertise To The Oilfield by Rockwell Automation, When oil and gas industry leaders converged in Paris last week for the Schlumberger SIS Global Forum, they had the opportunity to explore a breakthrough digital solution that helps optimize production by connecting upstream operations with critical, real-time analytics and domain insights.
  3. Safety Management Is Change Management by Grainger, Implementing a new safety management system (SMS) is no small task. Because safety is highly cross-functional, you will need buy-in and support from the full business, as well as dedicated time and resources to develop a plan. A good SMS can take months to develop, creating a huge loss when the plan just sits on the shelf.

What’s Going on in the World of Cable?

Amazon trying to become a key player in cable content, Disney enters into the buyer content space, and Comcast shuts down OTT again.

  1. Why Amazon May Be Cable’s Biggest Threat by Mari Silbey, Amazon Prime Video may be best known for its British TV series and costume drama lineup. I should know. I’ve watched Downton Abbey, Grantchester and more. But the current catalog doesn’t mean Amazon wants to remain a niche viewing service forever, however it might define that category of content.
  2. Disney Gets Green Light on BAMTech Buy by Aditya Kishore, Disney is cleared to acquire a majority stake in the video streaming technology platform BAMTech ahead of schedule. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued an early termination notice yesterday, deciding there were no antitrust concerns raised by the deal.
  3. Charter Has a Secret TV App for Colleges by Mari Silbey, Comcast has proudly touted its Xfinity on Campus product for colleges and universities, but it turns out that Charter too is going after the higher education market, albeit much more quietly.
  4. Comcast Shuts Down OTT Again by Mari Silbey, Consider it a lesson in Comcast economics. If a video service doesn’t build on the strength of Xfinity and the X1 platform, it’s unlikely to survive in Comcast’s world.
  5. 82% of TV Consumption Is Still Live TV, Says ITV’s Online Head by Aditya Kishore, Online viewing is growing in leaps and bounds for UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, according to Faz Aftab, director, commercial, technology and operations online for ITV. But on most days, for most shows, viewership is still via live TV.

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