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EAM/CMMS news in the U.S.

This week’s news focuses on preventive ways to help reduce mechanical errors and natural disasters from occurring.

Galati, Romania - March 30, 2015: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the first device with dual-curved glass display. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge was launched at a press event in Barcelona on March 1 2015. Galaxy S6 has Quad HD Super AMOLED, 2560x1440, 577 PPI, Lightning-fast 64 bit and Octa-core processor.
  1. Florida “earthquakes” actually Navy’s 10,000-pound bombs by CBS, Another apparent earthquake off Florida’s Atlantic coast has been attributed to the U.S. Navy testing the seaworthiness of a new vessel.
  2. FAA Warns Airline Passengers Not To Use Samsung Smartphone by Joan Lowy, U.S. aviation safety officials took the extraordinary step late Thursday of warning airline passengers not to turn on or charge a new-model Samsung smartphone during flights following numerous reports of the devices catching fire.

Cable News around the Globe

This week’s cable updates focus on the FCC’s decision on the set-top box debate, acquisitions, and new moves in mobility.

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  1. FCC’s New Pay-TV Plan: Shove It Up Your App by Mari Silbey, They say it’s a good compromise when nobody walks away happy. If that’s the case, then the FCC’s new pay-TV plan is the best compromise ever.
  2. Meet the New TiVo by Mari Silbey, After more than 19 years as an independent company, TiVo has now officially been acquired by Rovi in a deal worth $1.1 billion. With the deal closing today, the new company will move forward under the leadership of Rovi’s CEO Tom Carson, but will take the TiVo name.
  3. Ericsson, Intel Align on Media & Mobility by Mari Silbey, t’s a good sign that a market shift is transformative when big-name companies start aligning to tackle new problems collaboratively. Such is the case with Ericsson and Intel, two companies that say they have joined forces to help accelerate the media industry’s push toward IP and software-defined everything.
  4. Winning at WiFi – Celeno Closes $38M Round by Mari Silbey, Cementing its success in the WiFi business, Celeno today announced the close of a new $38 million funding round led by Red Dot Capital Partners and including investments by Poalim Capital Markets and OurCrowd.
  5. The FCC & TV Apps: It’s Complicated by Mari Silbey, The FCC hasn’t released a new iteration of its set-top box proposal yet, but already industry advocates are weighing in with complaints.
  6. 4K TV Not Ready for OTA Broadcast by Mari Silbey, Ahead of IBC this week, the Ultra HD Forum has released the latest version of its UHD guidelines, known as the Phase A guidelines, to the public. Forum members previously had access to the Phase A document. But for the first time it’s now available to any interested party, offering details on what’s in and what’s out in the early stages of 4K UHD TV development.

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