Mintek brings you the latest in EAM/CMMS systems and news in the major cable industries each week from around the globe. Learn how these new developments in EAM/CMMS and cable can affect your business or home.

EAM/CMMS news in the U.S.

This week’s news focuses Augmented reality for technicians, errors that occur without proper preventive maintenance, and new safety laws for manufacturers.

  1. NJ Aluminum Maker Cited For Injuries, Amputations by Rachelle Blair-Frasier, Aluminum Shapes LLC, a New Jersey aluminum company, was found to be exposing employees to machine hazards resulting in worker injuries and amputations.
  2. Case Study: Augmented Reality For Maintenance Technicians by Rhonda Truitt, This case study describes a project that Inglobe has delivered for Huawei Technologies to provide its technicians AR-enhanced tools to carry out common tasks more efficiently.
  3. U.S. To Require Safety Valves On More Gas Lines by Matthew Brown, New or replaced gas service lines for apartments and small businesses across the United States must be equipped with inexpensive safety valves starting next year following deadly fires and explosions over decades that could have been avoided, the Obama administration announced

Cable News around the Globe

This week’s cable updates focus on mergers, network transformations, and the fallbacks for cable providers.

  1. Rogers Still Big on Gig & IPTV by Alan Breznick, Although Rogers President & CEO Guy Laurence is abruptly leaving after just three years at the helm, the long-term strategy that he developed for the company will remain very much in place.
  2. Charter Deals Arris In on WorldBox 2.0 by Mari Silbey, Arris announced October 12th, 2016 that it’s been selected by Charter as a vendor partner for the cable company’s WorldBox 2.0 initiative.
  3. Comcast Damages Go Beyond FCC’s $2.3M Fine by Mari Silbey, Comcast’s brand, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced last week that it’s assessing the company a $2.3 million fine for wrongfully charging customers for products and services they never requested.
  4. Cable’s Upgrade Moment – Part II by Mari Silbey, With the cable industry at the start of a major network upgrade cycle, Light Reading is examining both the causes and effects of this network transformation.

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