Mintek brings you the latest in EAM/CMMS systems and news in the major cable industries each week from around the globe. Learn how these new developments in EAM/CMMS and cable can affect your business or home.

EAM/CMMS in Businesses and Natural Disasters

This week’s EAM/CMMS news focuses on how the implementation of an EAM/CMMS could help prevent against natural disasters and maintenance malfunctions.

  1. Alabama and Florida Hit by Floods After Historic Gulf Coast Downpour by Alexander Smith, Historic rainfall along the Gulf Coast turned roads into canals and parking lots into lakes.
  2. down for some users reported by Reuters, Facebook’s social media website was inaccessible for some users today, September 28th, its second outage in less than a week. The company’s shares were down nearly 4 percent at $89.25 in afternoon trading.
  3. Audi and Skoda say 3.3m cars have ‘cheat’ emissions software by BBC News, Audi and Skoda say they have a total of 3.3 million cars fitted with the software that allowed parent company Volkswagen to cheat US emissions tests.

Cable News in Your Neighborhood

This week’s Cable updates focus on expansion in the cable industry as well as new mergers and acquisitions.

Simferopol, Russia - June 22, 2014: Netflix American company, a provider of films and TV series based on streaming media. The company was founded in 1997.
  1. Comcast buys majority stake in Universal Studios Japan for $1.5 billion by Emi Emoto, Comcast Corp said it will buy a majority stake in Universal Studios Japan for $1.5 billion; its biggest investment outside the United States and part of an aggressive expansion of its theme park business globally.
  2. In the Ring: Apple TV Versus Cable by Mari Silbey,  Apple is competing with multi channel video programming distributors by offering access on the Apple TV to several streaming services.
  3. Comcast Debuts CDN as Video Eats the World by Mari Silbey, When Comcast launched its own commercial content delivery network service about a month ago, the move was either a sign of revolutionary shifts in the CDN business or a mundane extension of what the cable company was already offering.
  4. Are Sports Next for Netflix? by Mari Silbey, Earlier this month, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings caused a bit of a stir by declaring that sports networks are heading on-demand. The statement was couched in a broader prediction that all TV will be available on-demand and online within the next ten to 20 years, but it’s hard not to wonder if Hastings was alluding to a nearer-term opportunity for Netflix.

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