Bringing innovation to a new level, Transcendent®, combines warehouse management, asset management, preventative maintenance scheduling, work order management and capital planning tools with the power of the Motorola to save your company money and enhance your cash flows.

Top 6 reasons to use Transcendent®:

  1. Asset Visibility: By using Transcendent® you will know where everything is, when it was last used last maintained and when the asset will need to be replaced. All this is from a mobile handheld device that can be used from any location and all real-time. Monitor the activity from your office using the web.
  2. Reduce time fighting fires: Manage your time better to reduce the time required being reactive to unscheduled situations by developing a proactive routine. This will also allow you to better manage your staff and provide for better utilization of time to increase, planning, and the allocation of resources.
  3. Lengthening your assets lifespan: Scheduling preventative maintenance enables the discovery of potential issues before they mature into costly repairs or replacement issues. One customer said “if I had Transcendent® just a few weeks earlier I would have saved $90,000 by fixing a minor problem that blew up into a replacement issue.
  4. Track, organize and utilize your assets using “Asset Tree“: Organize your assets, then add, delete, or adjust them down to serial numbers or barcodes. Use this information to administer inspections, security walks, inventory, and maintenance.
  5. Increase efficiencies by reducing paperwork using our automated work request and scheduling tool. Input and view progress of work orders real time to enable effective management and increased flexibility in scheduling staff.
  6. No data storage or fees: Unlike other products, the information required to manage your assets is stored on our servers at no costs to you. This significantly reduces or eliminates costs associated with data storage, backups, and associated staff.

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