Mintek brings you the latest in EAM/CMMS systems and news in the major cable industries each week from around the globe. Learn how these new developments in EAM/CMMS and cable can affect your business or home.

EAM/CMMS news in the U.S.

This week’s news focuses on how preventive maintenance can help prepare for and against disaster situations in nature and at work.

  1. More Than 500K Hoverboards Recalled After Fires by The Associated Press, More than 500,000 hoverboards are being recalled after dozens of reports of fires and spewing smoke.
  2. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Investigated For Brake Failure by The Associated Press, The U.S. government is investigating complaints from Harley-Davidson riders who say their motorcycle brakes failed without warning.
  3. The 5 Key Components Of A Good Scale Maintenance Program by Russ Desilets, Companies purchase scales because the value of goods entering or exiting a facility is based on their weight. Without assured scale accuracy a company can lose thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars annually thus reinforcing the need for a maintenance program.

Cable News around the Globe

high voltage post.High-voltage tower sky background.

This week’s cable updates focus on Comcast’s interactions with current partners and new opportunites and cable WiFi hotspots reaching new heights.

  1. What Does Comcast Want From Arris? by Mari Silbey, A curious press release circulated recently highlighting a new warrant agreement between Arris and Comcast. Under the terms of the agreement, Arris is offering Comcast up to 8 million shares of its company if the US cable operator reaches certain spending thresholds in 2016 and 2017.
  2. US Cable WiFi Hotspots Near 17 Million by Mari Silbey, The cable industry’s future in mobility is still uncertain, but while the pundits predict potential outcomes, a new Heavy Reading report sizes up exactly where cable companies stand today with their own WiFi deployments.
  3. Comcast Confirms Netflix Coming to X1 by Mari Silbey,Comcast and Netflix Inc. confirmed July 5th, 2016 they are working together to integrate the Netflix over-the-top video service into the Comcast X1 pay-TV platform.

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