What do you think of when you are looking for an asset management resource for facilities, plant, property, utility, hotel, and municipal managers that can provide information, direction, news or solutions? Even though we live in a digital world, the first choice for many is still a warm referral from a trusted friend or mentor. In absence of a referral, the next step for most people is finding a resource using the Internet.

Finding Asset Management Sources on the Internet

Internet asset management resources come in three primary forms which are Blogs, Websites, and People. To assist your efforts in locating help, the following is a breakdown of the Top 50 Resources that can be found on the Internet.

Top Asset Management Blogs

Top Asset Management People

  • Ralph Rio

Field of Expertise: EAM/CMMS technology trends and market dynamics
Company: ARC Advisory Group
Website: ARC Advisory Group
LinkedIn: Connect with Ralph
E-mail: rrio@arcweb.com
Telephone #: 781-471-1119

  • Michel Theriault, RPA, LEED AP

Field of Expertise: Facilities Management & Property Management
Company: Principal, Strategic Advisor
Website: Strategic Advisor
Blog: Managing The Built Environment
Twitter: Michel Theriault
LinkedIn: Connect with Michel
Telephone #: 519-803-5401

  • David Berger, P.Eng., MBA, CMC

Field of Expertise: Maintenance Strategy, Process Improvement, CMMS/EAM
Company: Western Management Consultants
Website: Western Management Consultants
Blog: Writes regular articles for Plant Services magazine, Plant Engineering and Maintenance and Engineering and Maintenance Magazine.
Telephone #: 416-362-6863 ext 237

  • Lorne McDonald, UCLR, UCLM, MDiv.

Field of Expertise: Maintenance, Supply Chain and Procurement Specialist – Project Management
Company: The Createch Group AMS
Website: The Createch Group AMS
LinkedIn: Connect with Lorne
E-mail: Lorne.MacDonald@thecreatechgroup.com
Telephone #: 289-439-6044

  • Daryl Mather

Field of Expertise: Maintenance and Reliability Improvement
Company: Reliability Success Pty Ltd
Website: Reliability Success
Blog: Reliability Success Blog
Twitter: Follow Daryl
LinkedIn: Connect with Daryl
E-mail: dmather@reliabilitysuccess.com Telephone #: 61 419025462

  • Peter Garforth

Field of Expertise: Energy Assets
Company: Garforth International llc
Website: Garforth International llc
LinkedIn: Connect with Peter
E-mail: peter@garforthinternational.com Telephone #: 419-578-9613

  • Jeff Shiver, CMRP, CPMM

Field of Expertise: Strategic Maintenance and Reliability Management
Company: People and Processes Inc.
Website: People and Processes
Blog: Ways of Working, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Twitter: Follow Jeff
LinkedIn: Connect with Jeff
E-mail: jshiver@peopleandprocesses.com Telephone #: 843-813-6198

  • Joel Leonard

Field of Expertise: The Maintenance Crisis
Company: SkillTV
Website: Skill TV
Blog: Skill TV Blog
Twitter: Joel Leonard
Telephone #: 336-338-1011

  • Ralph Peters

Field of Expertise: Maintenance Management
Company: The Maintenance Excellence Institute
Website: The Maintenance Excellence Institute
Blog: The Maintenance Excellence Institute
LinkedIn: Connect with Ralph
Telephone #: 919-270-1173

  • Steven Hanks

Field of Expertise: IWMS / CAFM, Business Analyst, Vendor Selection and Evaluation
Company: iwmsnews
Website: iwmsnews
Blog: iwmsnews
Twitter: Follow Steven
LinkedIn: Connect with Steven
E-mail: steve.hanks@iwmsnews.com

  • Gabriel Gheorghiu

Field of Expertise: Asset maintenance for manufacturing, asset inventory management, asset performance management
Company: Technology Evaluation Centers
Website: Technology Evaluation Centers
Twitter: Gabriel Gheorghiu
LinkedIn: Connect with Gabriel
E-mail: ggheorghiu@tec-centers.com
Telephone #: 519-803-5401

Top Asset Management Websites

We hope that everyone has a great year and that the economy rebounds so that facilities managers around the world can focus their efforts on running better operations.