In our last post about Hotel Preventive Maintenance for Hurricanes, we put forth several types of questions that hotel facility managers should be asking in order to be ready for an impending storm. In this article, we try to answer those questions by demonstrating how an EAM system can handle hotel and resort storm preparations.

Three Hotel Asset Management System Software Concepts

The questions below represent the three basic concepts which are: The importance of inspections, why is technology important for hotel asset management and why does my hotel need more than just a computerized maintenance program?

The Importance of Inspections

When a hurricane or any potentially deadly storm is approaching it is absolutely imperative that a secure all their assets to prevent unnecessary and costly repairs. With thousands of assets, having an organized inspection process is critical to accomplish the work. The prestorm inspection acts a baseline to access damages.

During a storm, each hotel or resort should have a list of critical assets to watched. This may include constantly checking for leaks, pipe breaks, gas ruptures or unusual smells. In addition, equipment that must be left online such as boilers need to be carefully watched for signs of damage. An inspection checklist can help accomplish these tasks in a quick and orderly fashion to minimize risks.

After a storm, all hotel and resort assets should be checked for damage, debris and usability. Assets needing maintenance or repair can then be schedule for maintenance. The inspection results from after the storm can be compared to the results from prior to the storm to note changes.

Why Technology is Important for Hotel Asset Management

When a storm approaches maintenance tasks such as inspections and work orders need to be done as quickly as possible. A fully featured EAM system organizes and automates much of the work order process. This includes tools to generate inspection lists and the elimination of paperwork for work requests and work orders. The impact is more can be done, because less time is being spent of filling out paperwork.

Maintenance efficiency is improved even more when the EAM software is used with mobile handheld devices. For example, inspections can be done using mobile handheld devices that are programmed with the relevant questions. Results can be then be transmitted back to the main office for review, prioritizing and conversion to a work order.

In addition to the use of mobile handheld devices for inspections and work orders, the EAM software can produce reports comparing inspection reports from before, during and after the hurricane. This information will hotel and resort management get a better handle on the work that needs to be done.

Why a Hotel Needs More than just a Computerized Maintenance Program

The computerization of inspection checklists and the work orders are good things to have. However, the asset management system software that hotels choose also needs to be able provide useful reports that will help hotel management decide the priorities for work. Hotel asset managers should always have available a detailed description of all assets as well as their current condition, expected useful lifecycle and expected capital replacement projection.

Without this information, hotel and resort managers run the risk of failing to remember assets needing protection from the upcoming storm. Using an EAM system gives hotel management the tools they need by creating an a database that can store all the important details. This information can be used to confirm damage reports, help identify severely damaged or destroyed equipment as well provide the detail needed for insurance claims.

Another advantage of an EAM system is the ability to upload key documents and attach them to the proper assets. Documents include items such as contract information, vendor information, operating manuals, blueprints and so on. By having this information stored electronically, hotel and resort facility management can have information available for repairs immediately following the storm. This cuts down on wasted time trying to locate or read damaged documents.

Hurricane Preparation Equals Planning

Setting up an a quality EAM system is not an overnight job. The collection of asset detail, training, customization of reports, setting up standard operating procedures and so on, takes a fair amount of planning. However, even if you don currently have an EAM, your hotel should start preparing now so you are not caught unprepared.