This week’s biggest cable topic revolved around the Charter and TWC deal, or as I am calling it, “The New Charter.” Consumers and businesses are anxiously awaiting the FCC’s decision for approval to see how this will ultimately affect customer’s bottom line.

People care about price and good customer service; people usually don’t deal well with change, so they want to know what they’re up against in terms of price and if there is a need to move onto another cable provider. Below lists the good and potentials that could happen with the New Charter.

The Good and the Potential for Users

Customers could expect faster services through the new Charter and new options for streaming and video content and products. As mentioned before, the new Charter is aware that audience interest and behavior is switching from traditional viewing to online streaming; Charter and TWC want to be a part of this change and give their customers what they want. The future of cable resides in its users.

Consumers may also receive more competitive pricing in their packages with the new merger; they may also see an advantage to switch from their current provider over to another, which could hurt other major MSO’s. Charter also plans to bargain for better deals with online providers or potentially partner up to be competitive when gaining new customers, so again, customers can be selective on where they want to go with more choices available.

One thing that customers want  is better customer service; the new Charter has an opportunity to show how valuable their customers are to them with new customized plans and gain more revenue.

There’s always two-sides to every story, so below I have listed some potential setbacks in the merger.

  1. Net neutrality
  2. Competition for major MSO’s
  3. Creation of a monopoly

Consumers want the option for streaming capabilities, but in order for the new Charter to give people what they want customers may have to give a little. The new Charter will need to put investments into their infrastructure to support the want for streaming causing prices to rise, and investments need to be made in order to stay relevant against the competition. This is a give and take relationship from both sides.

Businesses could look at this as Charter and TWC merging to compete against a larger MSO and potentially eliminating the use of smaller MSO’s, but if consumers still use smaller MSO’s service they are still in the game. It all depends on how the decision will play out.

Let’s Hear From You

I have talked all week about the perceptions customers may have on this impending decision, so now I want to hear from you. Tell me how you feel about the new deal going through. Do you think it will happen? Do you feel it will affect you at all? Are you happy with your current provider? Are you excited about what this change could bring to you? Send me your thoughts and comments at The future is in the voice of our customers, so let yours be heard.