For over 500 years Santa has been visiting families around the world. Every year, without fail, he manages to build more and more toys in his workshop. No one is really sure how Santa can do so much in so little time but their is no doubt he practices exceptional maintenance management to minimize downtime.

Why Santa’s Workshop Depends on Maintenance

There is no doubt that if we all knew Santa’s secrets to better maintenance that we would have the most productive economy in the world. Maybe it just the magic of the Christmas spirit or maybe, just maybe, Santa is using his 500+ years experience to streamline workshop operations to have the most efficient operation ever.

To have efficient workshop operations is critical that downtime be minimized, repairs be organized and preventive maintenance be scheduled. With Santa’s experience, there is no doubt he knows his assets better than anyone.

Maintenance at Santa’s Workshop

So what assets does Santa have to keep track of in order to achieve Christmas success? No one knows for sure exactly what his workshop assets are but you can be sure that the elves are performing maintenance with a CMMS system on the following assets:

  • Mail sorting machines. These machines handle millions of letters to Santa every year. Mail must be sorted and then turned into work requests for the elves. Making sure the sorting machines work properly and do not break down is an important task for maintenance elves.
  • Toy assembly lines. Once work requests are received and if the child is not on the naughty list, the work requests are transformed into
    work orders for completion. Any machinery used by the elves on the assembly line must have minimal downtime.
  • Toy testing facilities. Completed toys must be tested to make sure they work properly. A CMMS system tracks all testing results so that Santa always knows which toys are being built correctly and where training might be needed.
  • Toy warehouses that store the toys. Completed toys must be stored in safe, secure warehouse facilities for delivery Christmas morning. Warehouse facility assets such as roofs must be properly maintained to counter the effects of the extreme weather conditions of the North Pole.
  • Food warehouses facilities by making sure they are protected against abominable snowman and other pest that might eat one of the four basic food group of elves which are candy canes, candy corn, candy and syrup.
  • Fleet transportation for raw materials in order to make the toys. One of the great mysteries of Santa’s workshop is where they get all the raw materials for toys. The only thing anyone can be certain about is that the materials have to get there somehow. If it moves, it requires maintenance (or reindeer feeding schedules).
  • Tool manufacturing to meet the increasing demand for toys. Maintenance engineer elves make many of their own tools. The equipment they use for manufacturing tools has to be kept in optimal condition so the assembly lines never stop.
  • Tool maintenance due to unusual wear and tear. Some tools can be replaced due to low cost and some tools can be made to last longer by scheduling inspections and preventive maintenance.
  • Santa’s sleigh especially on the jet turbines used when Christmas spirit is low. Santa’s sleigh(s) have traditionally worked by harnessing the magic of the Christmas spirit in people. Santa’s backup system includes the use of jet turbine engines to ensure that his sleigh does not break down when Christmas spirit is low.
  • Christmas lights. The north pole is in darkness for much of the winter. Christmas lights enable elves to complete their work as well as provide illumination for the north pole village and
    Christmas tree. Maintenance on lighting is one of the most important task that can be done.
  • Heat pumps that keep the elves warm. Some people say Santa uses some form of geothermal energy to keep facilities and elf housing warm. But whether he uses this or fossil fuels the assets that harness or produce the heat must be kept in operation year round. CMMS programs ensure that heat pumps or other devices are being properly scheduled for maintenance.

The complete list of assets requiring maintenance at Santa’s workshop will always remain unknown as it the most closely guarded secret in the world. What we do know is that Santa has never missed a Christmas and that his work managementsystem is exceptional.

We at Mintek wish everyone a very merry holiday and hope that no one ends up with just a lump of coal for being on the naughty list.