The development of maintenance management systems has evolved tremendously over the last few decades. The following SlideShare from Madan Karki is an excellent historical, educational, and intuitive mapping from the beginnings of simple maintenance to the current advanced systems of today. We are happy to share this slideshow with you.

See the evolution of thinking from an expectation of failure (prior to 1970) through the realization that preventative maintenance is far more than just the replacement of assets or parts on a regular schedule but rather a portion of model for proactive management that may involve an entire organization.

View also how concepts such as Total Asset Management, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Best Practices came to fruition and how experience, science and necessity have created the “Total Productive Maintenance” models used in modern organizations.

Particularly noteworthy are:

  • Slide 262 for a visual display of the Maintenance Management Pyramid – see all the components in one picture
  • Slides 270 – Maintenance Benchmarking and the reflection of proactive vs reactive practices
  • Slide 271 – Maintenance Best Practices – good generalization of models
  • Slide 272 – Attributes of a Proactive Practice – training, computerized maintenance management systems, ROI etc.
  • Slide 273 – Components of a Mature System
  • A special note to slide 280. The implementation of a CMMS should be a Best of Breed Application rather than a module of an ERP. A full blown Enterprise Asset Management that includes CMMS capabilities is going to be the best solution offering rich asset management capabilities, as well as, maintenance.

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