There are 14 domed stadiums in the USA and 100’s of professional or major college stadium facilities. With virtually every state, city and community feeling the effects of lower tax revenues, States, stadium owners, universities and municipal governments have no choice but to lengthen the useful lifecycle of stadium assets.

Lengthening the useful lifecycle of stadiums and sports arenas does not mean it will cost more money to keep them operating safely. With the proper asset management tools, assets can be managed from the planning stage through operations right until retirement for a lower TCO than maintenance alone. This can be achieved with stadium and sports arena Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software.

EAM Asset Lifecycle Management

A stadium and sports arena EAM solution helps to extend the useful lifecycle of assets through the organization and automation of the workflow as well as giving management the tools they need to monitor the condition of assets over time to make better capital budgeting decisions. Selected EAM features include but are not limited to:

Stadium and Sports Arena EAM Features

  • Computerized scheduling of all maintenance activities from inspections to work orders.
  • Creation of an asset database so that you always know where all stadium assets are and the condition that they are in.
  • Establishment of standard operating procedures (preventive maintenance) for all weather related events, periodic inspections and work order fulfillment.
  • Creation of management reports to better estimate when capital expenditures will be required for major repair or replacement of assets before a disaster occurs.
  • Integration of mobile handheld devices for faster communications of work order resolutions.

Results Using a Stadium and Sports Arena EAM

  • Lower labor costs as maintenance becomes proactive, moving away from fire fighting.
  • Lower costs of stadium operations as more can be done with the same amount of resources.
  • Long-term planning is enhanced through better capital budgeting.
  • Stadium assets last longer as they are properly maintained.
  • Reduction of liability issues through better care of all stadium and sports arena assets.
Don’t Let the Weather Bring Your Stadium Down

No one controls Mother Nature but you can make sure that your sports facilities are prepared to weather the storm. Should a disaster occur, a quality EAM solution can make sure that the recovery tasks are organized and scheduled for immediate response.