April 1st: A prank or not a prank? That is the question. Which of this year’s pranks were you hoping to be true? I have compiled my top 15 from around the Globe that range from a pet lover’s dream to the savviest of tech toys.

Enjoy the laughs.

Top 15 Global April Fools Jokes

  1. Microsoft launches MS-DOS Mobile- Back to the basics- Where black and white never looked so good.
  2. Yoloimport- Focus on writing code without the interruption.
  3. Hungry? Dominos now delivers to your exact coordinates for a fresher, faster, and hotter pizza every time.
  4. “May the force be with you…” CERN researchers confirm existence of the FORCE.
  5. Now when you match on Tinder, an Uber driver can take you directly to them or save money and match with your driver and your fare is half off!
  6. Petbox- Let your pets enjoy all their favorite movies with a swipe of the paw.
  7. Enjoy a refreshing sip of Coca-cola…literally a sip.
  8. Wifi never smelled so good. Check how good your connection is in an area near you.
  9. Tired of working 40 hours a week? Let your pet contribute. Go to indeed.com/jobs4pets today!
  10. Pigeon delivery- Mail service is a thing of the past. Track your pigeon today for delivery to your doorstep.
  11. Samsung Galaxy blade edge- Sharp, sleek and right at your fingertips. Just don’t get too close.
  12. Submerge yourself in the new Play station flow… bring your swimsuit.
  13. Want to help your spouse save more money? Electro-save is the fastest way to quicker savings.
  14. Tesla S model- Never pay a parking ticket again.
  15. Smart box by inbox- Take your mailbox where ever you go.