Did anyone else think that this year’s April Fools posting around the net were sort of tame? Lots of cute stuff but no rolling on the ground laughing this year. Notably missing from the top 15 this year is Google who just didn’t have anything special

April Fools Videos and Stories

The top choices this year are a mix of technology, lifestyle choices and food/beverage ideas. We hope you enjoy them.

Top 15 Global April Fools Jokes

  1. For the wine connoisseur who wants to one up his neighbors wine cellar you can now get the Wino Tap. It even comes with 6 free pouches.
  1. Now you can take hands free selfies and send them to anyone anytime, anywhere with the Sphero SelfieBot. Definitely one of my favorites this year.
  1. For people without Google Glass, Shoestagram is a low cost alternative that is perfect for taking photos (not licensed for voyeurism).
  1. Improving upon the glass bottom plane, Sir Richard Branson partnered with Nest to bring individualized climate control on flights.
  1. Dating is always difficult when your time is limited. WazeDates solves this problem by allowing you to identify other single people while stuck in traffic.
  1. You want to look sharp for your WazeDate so try out this Laser-Guided Tactical Necktie
Laser-Guided Tactical Necktie
  1. Tired of using the mouse and keyboard to browse on the internet? Reddit has introduced Headdit which allows you to navigate simply by moving your head.
  1. The Roku Watch is for people who want to show off the technical gadgets or like viewing streamed content on tiny screens.
Roku Watch
  1. Taking deliciousness to new heights is Subway’s Banana Sub.
Banana Sub
  1. What better way to wash down the sub than with a special flavored Scottish Milk.
  1. For those readers with a drier sense of humor you will appreciate Netflix video called Rotisserie Chicken. The full version is over and hour so here is a taste.
  1. Last but not least is an old fashioned April Fools story about Author George RR Martin who was forced to sign a contract that forbids his death before he finishes the book series.

By the way, our April Fools post can be found on our EAM CMMS blog.

Tell us what your favorite April Fool’s post was this year.