This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution for Sports Arenas and Stadiums.

Why going Green is Easier for Sports Arenas and Stadiums With an EAM

Sports arenas and stadiums old and new are recognized energy hogs. The estimated monthly energy bill for new Texas Stadium is over $200,000. As these sports venues age and need to be replaced the opportunity to make them more energy efficient grows. Green certification and green themes are increasingly becoming a valuable and marketable theme for attracting customers and media exposure.

“The general belief is that a sports venue’s life-span is about thirty years. Over the previous twenty years, over 87% of major league facilities have been renovated or replaced.”

Source: Marquette University Law School

Atlanta’s Phillips Arena, home to the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and the Showcase Center in Kent, Washington are just two examples of sports Arenas going green. Both have achieved LEEDS certification as specified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

Making Economic Sense

The Showcase Center in Kent , Washington is expected to use 40% less water and 37% less energy. High profile sports venues provide cities with a very public perception of culture and lifestyle. This image helps attract business and in turn impacts the economic health of a metropolitan area. Technology advances in green energy and computerized maintenance management software have made construction of green buildings economically viable. The determination of need is an ideal time to begin planning the replacement date of an aging sports arena or stadium.

How an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) Helps

New construction provides an exceptional time to implement the use of an EAM. An EAM will track assets, keep a maintenance history, help schedule preventive maintenance and inspections. Using the features of Transcendent, the useful life of the sports stadium will increase increasing the amount of time before wear, tear, weather and corrosion take their toll.