This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution for “Hotels and Resorts”.

Taking Hotels and Resorts To Green With The Help Of An EAM

Image and perception are as extremely important to a hotel or a resort’s success. The recent stimulus packages designed to increase renewable energy resources and energy efficiency had led to an explosion of new green technologies that can be implemented by hotels and resorts. Green certification and green themes are increasingly becoming a valuable and marketable theme for attracting customers and media exposure.

“Green luxury consumers look for social responsibility before making a purchase ”
Source: Pam Danziger ~ Unity Marketing

The best part is the opportunity to convert does not require new building construction.

Why Convert To A Green Building

Technology advances in green energy and computerized maintenance management software have made conversion to a green building economically viable. Converting an existing hotel or resort into a green customer attracting facility, will not only bring in new customers but also can save up to 30% on energy costs and up to 50% on water bills. Converting is accomplished through a process that stages the change according to the planned replacement date that would naturally occur as a result of deterioration, corrosion, age or failure. Examples might include adding solar panels to roofs, HVAC power supplement via wind power, changing lighting to compact fluorescent bulbs and more environmentally friendly plumbing.

How an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) Helps

The secret to a well-planned transition is the use of an EAM to provide the expected timeframe of asset replacement. An EAM will track assets, keep a maintenance history, help schedule preventive maintenance and inspections. Most importantly, the capital planning tools of Transcendent combines all the information to be able to project when an asset should be replaced.