Mintek is here to keep you up to date on the latest EAM/CMMS systems, as well as news from our cable industries.

What is happening in the world of EAM/CMMS?

EAM/CMMS news follows articles around the web that focus on asset, document, and maintenance management, as well as tips to implementing this software.

Detail of a soccer game with many players in action
  1. Cloudy with a chance of sprinkler malfunction by Kelly Potter, who talks about the Colorado Rapids soccer team had quite a surprise when they received unexpected showers during a game coming from the sprinkler system; why EAM/CMMS management is essential to these crucial games.
  2. U.K. Gov’t To Fund IoT For Cities Project With Up To $15M by Natasha Lomas, who mentions how the UK government is putting up 15 million towards an IoT competition; how could this affect EAM capabilities?
  3. General Motors India to recall 1.5 lakh cars over battery issues reports by business today discussing the third largest car manufacturer in the world recalling its three small cars fitted with a remote keyless entry accessory.
  4. Beat the Heat: 10 Ways Maintenance Can Save Your Hotel by Kelly Potter, who talks about the top ten hotel maintenance tactics to put in place to protect your assets during the summer months.

Cable Discoveries

This section focuses on cable trends and challenges from around the web, including our own.

Montreal,Quebec,Canada-june 14,2012:Apple computers logo on facade window of Apple store in Montreal Canada.
  1. TWC receives the first complaint on net neutrality by Kelly Potter, who states that the FCC put the new neutrality rules in place and CNS has filed a complaint against TWC for violating the new rules. Which side will the FCC take?
  2. AT&T goes the extra broadband mile by Alan Breznick, and mentions how AT&T is very close to solidifying the deal to acquire DirecTV and in the process they are making promises to the U.S. Federal regulators.
  3. Hey New Charter Subs, you’re getting a worldbox! Mari Silbey mentions how Charter really wants the approval to buy up TWC and Bright House Networks, and it is willing to give the new Worldbox to the New Charter customers served by TWC.
  4. FCC sets up review team for Charter deals: Mari Silbey discusses how the the FCC review committee is coming together to make a final decision on the Charter and TWC deal.

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