To the delight of party animals, St Patrick’s Day marks the start of the NCAA basketball tourney. Still, this is no guarantee the Irish (Notre Dame) will win as the competition looks tough all around. One thing for certain is that all DSR s should be on the street doing door-to-door cable sales using their Cable SFA solution to sign up subscribers because the new NCAA television package has changed how the tourney can be watched.

The New TV-Cable Deal for the NCAA Tourney

In previous years if you wanted to watch all the NCAA tourney games you either had to purchase a special cable package, watch online or have multiple satellite hook-ups. For the most part fans were limited to which games they could watch and had to hope their favorite teams were the games being shown. This year and the next 13 years will change all this.

The new NCAA tourney deal allows basketball fans to watch all the games as every game will be shown on a combination of 4 channels. The channels consist of CBS plus 3 cable channels of TNT, TBS and TruTV.

Most cable subscribers are already familiar with TNT and TBS as they have been around for a long time and is available in 87% of American homes. TruTv is relatively new and is formerly known as CourtTV but is still available in 80% of American homes.

The Cable SFA Opportunity

Cable DSMs should recognize the opportunity to use their SFA solution to approach sports fans with promotions who:

  • Like the idea of being able to watch the entire tournament.
  • Have stopped subscribing within the past year.

The NCAA basketball tournament only last a few weeks so time is critical. Only the Final Four will be shown exclusively on CBS. This means all 1st, 2nd and regional games can be seen on cable TV. Cable SFA features works great with time constraints because it enables DSRs to visit more potential subscribers in a shorter period of time. SFA helps cable MSODSMs and DSRs overcome the time challenge by:

Selected Cable SFA Benefits

  • Choosing route criteria by zip code, node or bridger number. Universities, colleges, sports bars or special demographic segments can be targeted.
  • Makes the sales process faster by decreasing back office wait time using rugged handheld mobile devices to:
    • Perform on-demand credit checks using rugged state-of-the-art handheld devices
    • Check for back balances
    • Have the latest sales promotions at their fingertips
  • Enabling selected routes to be specific for a type of sale such as normal or audit.
  • Setting of service priority for those addresses meeting a certain criteria.
  • Real time reporting to cable sales management of sales call results for faster CPE turnaround.

Getting the subscriber online quickly is important for cable MSOs. The faster a subscriber can be approved scheduled for installation the less likely they will change their mind and more importantly, they will have a higher level of customer satisfaction.

For DSMs a Cable SFA solution eliminates calls to the home office for approvals enabling DSRs to spend an additional 15-20% more time in front of new subscribers. It also reduces the labor costs associated with back office support plus it gives DSMs more time available to spend in the field for SFA training and coaching. A cable SFA is a win-win for Cable MSO.