This article will explain why Transcendent makes a good EAM system to help sports arenas manage their indoor temperatures with optimal energy efficiency.

An EAM for Indoor Sports Arenas Keeps Things Cool/Warm

Winter Sporting Events

Fall football has begun and baseball is winding down. But now is also the time that indoor sporting arenas are making sure their facilities are ready for winter sports such as ice hockey or college basketball. One way that sporting arenas can prepare for the new season is to make use of an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system.

By using an customized EAM system, sporting arena managers will be able to make sure that all assets have been inspected and that proactive maintenance plans are in place. This is critical considering rising energy costs can account for 30-50% of total operating costs.

One of the benefits of good proactive maintenance planning is that equipment such as HVAC units, chillers, boilers etc. are receiving regularly preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance ensures that heating and cooling equipment is kept in optimal working order resulting in lower energy costs.

Proactive maintenance is only part of what an EAM brings to the table. When properly implemented an EAM system will help lower operating expenses in a number of ways including:

  • Being able to manage assets from the planning phase through retirement/replacement.
  • Better document storage and handling. For example, An EAM system enables documents to be scanned and attached to assets so that retrieval costs is minimal and documents are no longer lost.
  • True control over the work management process including work requests, work orders, preventive maintenance, rounds and inspections.
  • The ability to use mobile devices to speed up work management. For example: Inspections can be performed using handheld devices, reducing the need to come to the office and the increasing the speed of information sent to sport arena management.
  • Superior administration controls including user management, security, license and mobile device management.

All this help sports arenas because better maintenance and asset management with an EAM system will lower labor costs, minimize costly emergency repairs and keep energy usage to a minimum.