This article will explain why Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Cities in search of a SaaS preventive maintenance solution.

SaaS Preventive Maintenance for Cities and Municipalities

Cities and municipalities have equipment ranging from fleet vehicles to city parks recreational facilities to a myriad of computers and other equipment that require constant preventive maintenance which is best handled by a SaaS solution. A SaaS Preventive maintenance solution for cities such as Transcendent, tracks assets, schedules work orders, sets up preventive maintenance schedules and helps develop a capital expenditure analysis to facilitate capital planning.

Municipal Asset Management

Limited budgets and decreasing tax revenues can be partially addressed by reducing expenses. A SaaS preventive maintenance solution tailored for Cities may reduce expenses up to 30%. SaaS preventive maintenance programs reduce the amount of reactive work orders and equipment repair for cities by accurately tracking a scheduling preventive maintenance. Good maintenance programs should be 80% scheduled and 20% reactive work orders. If your city is not around these industry standards you need a SaaS solution like Transcendent.

An EAM Can Lower City Liability Claims

In addition, implementing a SaaS preventive maintenance program in your city will help lower liability should the city be sued for an accident based upon claims of equipment negligence. EAM-CMMS Features helps provide detailed reports of what equipment was worked on, when it was maintained and a probable equipment replacement timeframe. Using handheld devices Transcendent is user friendly and easily scalable to any city size.