Robert Marcus has served as Chairman and CEO of Time Warner Cable since January 1, 2014. He also served as TWC’s President and COO since December 2010, and as their CFO from 2008-2011. He was then named to the company’s Board of Directors in July 2013. You could say he has had a pretty busy career with TWC and its growth, so let’s start from the beginning of how he got where he is today.

A Leader Emerges

Marcus practiced law for seven years at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison before joining TWC in 1998; he still had a connection with the firm as a principal outside corporate counsel; he also held other roles including: Director of TW Telecom Inc. and Editor of the Colombian Law Review.

Before he took on his lead executive role, Marcus held the role of COO. Time Warner mentioned that they invested to support future growth, enhance its network and improve critical infrastructure alongside Marcus’ commitment to creating a customer-centric organization, with a mission to connect Time Warner Cable’s customers to the world-simply, reliably, and with superior service. Marcus was also involved with TWC’s shift to a publicly traded company as well as other mergers and acquisitions.

Below shows the key milestones in TWC’s lifespan when Rob Marcus started.

  1. 1999: Digital cable and Video On Demand launched.
  2. 2003: Digital phone service launched.
  3. 2005: Triple Play offering is rolled out.
  4. 2006: TWC gains additional systems and employees with Adelphia acquisition.
  5. 2007: TWC becomes a public company.
  6. 2009: TWC separates from Time Warner Inc.
  7. 2011: TWC acquires NewWave Communications cable systems and business services subsidiary NaviSite to enable cloud services.
  8. 2012: TWC acquires Insight Communications.
  9. 2013: TWC Chairman and CEO, Glenn Britt announces he will retire from the company at the end of the year. The Time Warner Cable Board of Directors elects Robert D. Marcus, the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, to succeed Mr. Britt as Chairman and CEO, effective January 1, 2014.
  10. 2013: TWC acquires DukeNet Communications.

TWC Now and How Robert Marcus views it

The FCC is currently reviewing the Charter and TWC deal which still brings questions to consumer’s minds on how this will affect them. There is also the debate of how cable will withstand to online streaming services and if partnering with third-party vendors is in the best interest of the company and its customers.

As Robert Marcus said himself, Time Warner Cable’s character is straight forward, transparent, workman like, and not focused on empire building. He stresses the importance of making decisions that will affect his consumers in a positive light and also reflect back on his company in the same light.

The verdict is still out on the FCC decision, but one thing remains steady that TWC is focused on making the right decisions for its customers to receive the best service in loo of the competition.