Each week Mintek will bring you selected links to stories about EAM & CMMS systems, as well as news for our two largest industries Cable and Lodging.


In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on asset, document and maintenance management, as well as, inspections and other topics related to EAM and CMMS software.

  1. Is Software Development a Core Competency of your EAM CMMS Vendor?By Stuart Smith MBA, MS, discusses how software core competency is crucial to establishing long term vendor relationships with your EAM CMMS vendor.
  2. To CMMS or to ERP? By David Berger, P.Eng.,on why based upon his experience, most companies would benefit from running spare parts management through the CMMS.
  3. CMMS Use Boosted by Robust Functionality By Jeff Byers, on how hospitals and clinics have started to embrace the use of CMMS systems to streamline costs as a result of increased functionality.
  4. A Historical Perspective on Energy Prices and Economic ChallengesPosted on Green Econometrics is an interesting article on the history of energy prices and the major events that have led to changes going back 700 years.

Cable News

In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on cable industry trends and challenges.

  1. Cable doubles down on Wi-Fi By Brian Santo, reports on what looks like a concerted effort by the cable industry to siphon off bandwidth from home routers to create a larger public Wi-Fi network.
  2. Apple TV rebuffed by the cable guys By David B. Wilkerson, over snags relating to how the user interface would work and fees led to a break down in discussions between Apple and Cable MSOs.
  3. The Future Of The Television Industry Provided by Investopedia US, is a discussion on why Cable MSOs continue to hold the upper hand when it comes to content and distribution making it difficult for industry competitive change to occur.

Lodging News

In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on the Lodging industry trends and challenges.

  1. Savvy hoteliers adapt to outside influences By Jason Q. Freed, on the three main takeaways from the fourth annual hotel data conference including a changing business mix and how to combat decreasing customer satisfaction.
  2. Understanding the Pool Lift Issue By Eric Stoessel, on the continuing problems associated with hotels trying to comply with the act.
  3. How CMMS Can Impact Hotel Workers Compensation By Dave, provides some tips on how to minimize workers compensations expenses by reducing maintenance costs using a CMMS.

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