Each week Mintek will bring you selected links to stories about EAM & CMMS systems, as well as news for our two largest industries Cable and Lodging.


In this section, we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on asset, document and maintenance management, as well as, inspections and other topics related to EAM and CMMS software.

  1. How 2014 NEC Changes Impact Your Facility Management By Stuart Smith, M.B.A., M.S., raises the point that all facility and asset managers should be paying attention to the new 2014 NEC changes arriving in September and planning how they will address the changes.
  2. Start collecting data on your assets at conception if you want to decrease lifecycle costs By Sheila Kennedy, Discusses how even though the bulk of an asset’s costs are incurred during its operative life, the data required to minimize these costs begins when the asset is first conceived.
  3. CoreLogic Storm Surge Report Released by CoreLogic, is an excellent report providing detail on the impact of storms and floods. Included are table reflecting which cities are most likely to sustain heavy damage.

Cable News

In this section, we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on cable industry trends and challenges.

  1. Comcast leads cable’s push for cut of $13B home security and automation market Posted on fiercecable.com, is an interesting article on the inroads that Comcast is making into the home security and automation market as well as how ADT is responding.
  2. Time Warner Cable Begins Construction on $85 Million Expansion of National Data Center West in Colorado Press release from TWC announcing new construction at their Colorado Data Center that delivers digital video and IP based services.
  3. Don’t Worry MSNBC, Cable News Ratings Will Soon Be Irrelevant By Dorsey Shaw, talks about the shift to the web-based news that will make actual TV viewership meaningless as more and more people access their news from web sources such as YouTube or The Washington Post.

Lodging News

In this section, we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on the Lodging industry trends and challenges.

  1. Hotels.com Crowdsourcing Campaign Reveals the Hotel Offerings Most Important to Travelers Posted on hospitalitynet.org shows the results of a survey indicating that free Wi-Fi, shuttle services, and
    kitchenettes have overtaken pool and air conditioning requirements of travelers. Although not stated, I would have to imagine that the result is being skewed by the fact that most hotels already have HVAC and pools.
  2. Wyndham Worldwide Achieves 8 Percent Energy Reduction across 10 Million Square Feet Press release from Wyndham Worldwide demonstrating the growing importance of hotel energy management to large and small hotels.
  3. Hotels Mix It Up With New Culinary, Cocktail Offerings By Kat Lucero, reports on a trend in Washington DC could easily spread to other major cities as hotels learn to fight for the bar and restaurant business by getting rid of the old hotel bar image and moving closer to the club scene.