Each week Mintek will bring you selected links to stories about EAM & CMMS systems, as well as news for our two largest industries Cable and Lodging.


In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on asset, document and maintenance management, as well as, inspections and other topics related to EAM and CMMS software.

  1. Asset and Maintenance Managers Can Learn from The Hobbit By Stuart Smith, M.B.A., M.S., tells the story of how asset and maintenance managers can reclaim their Kingdom by implementing an EAM CMMS.
  2. Optimize maintenance workflows By David Berger, P.Eng., discusses why just having a CMMS is not enough and that maintenance managers need to understand the four triggers for work that include equipment failure, use based maintenance, CBM and capital projects.
  3. Do You Really Please Your Customers Posted on managerlabs.com, challenges property management to keep their guests happy in part, by keeping up the maintenance of properties.

Cable News

In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on cable industry trends and challenges.

  1. Supreme Court sides with cable, satellite companies on fee system Posted by The Canadian Press, reports on a Canadian Supreme Court ruling that television broadcasters cannot demand that cable providers pay a fee for airing their signals.
  2. Cable’s Losing Video Customers. Is Netflix to Blame? By Tim Brugger, comments on a cable industry research report indicating that cable’s pay-for-video business is losing big time to Netflix and other third party content providers.
  3. Who’s Behind Comcast’s Video Downloader? By Jeff Baumgartner, talks about a new app that lets customers download content from premier pay channels onto their mobile devices.

Lodging News

In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on the Lodging industry trends and challenges.

  1. Hotel Impossible Triangle T Ranch By Stuart Smith, M.B.A., M.S., recaps the latest episode of Hotel Impossible which revolved around a hotel in trouble due to a lack of hotel experience and basic business skills.
  2. What to watch for in 2013 By Jan Freitag, looks at 10 predicted trends for 2013 in the hotel and lodging industry ranging from an ample supply of new rooms to fewer resort fees.
  3. Touch to enter and pay RFID technology being rolled out across Walt Disney World By Matt Roseboom, is an interesting article about the acceptance of RFID technology into theme park/resort management. It also sets the stage for the RFID to be used in asset management.

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