Each week Mintek will bring you selected links to stories about EAM & CMMS systems, as well as news for our two largest industries Cable and Lodging.


In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on asset, document and maintenance management, as well as, inspections and other topics related to EAM and CMMS software.

  1. FRIDAY FUNNY: Some Post-Hurricane Humor By Heidi Schwartz, has passed on a list of humorous thoughts by Peter Bance that are guaranteed to bring a smiles to your face.
  2. Voting Equipment Maintenance Can Impact Election Results By Stuart Smith MBA, MS, looks at the business of storing and maintaining voting machines.
  3. EISA WALK-IN COOLER & FREEZER STANDARDS Posted on Xinca, helps the Air-Conditioning, heating and Refrigeration Institute raise awareness of the 2009 act to ensure compliance. Also included are the highlights of the act.

Cable News

In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on cable industry trends and challenges.

  1. Time Warner Says Streaming Video Services are Stabilizing Their IndustryBy Christophor Rick, reports on the changing attitude of cable execs towards streaming video services as the streaming rights and advertising money comes rolling in.
  2. Cable industry to establish new research center By Michael Grotticelli, reports on a new joint venture with cable companies designed at making cable products more relevant to younger audiences through modern technology such as smartphones and tablets.
  3. Time Warner Cable breaks ranks from Cablevision, Comcast on Hurricane Sandy billing policy By Steve Donohue, reports on the different approaches cable MSOs are using to credit subscribers for lack of service during hurricane Sandy.

Lodging News

In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on the Lodging industry trends and challenges.

Miami south beach at night with hotel buildings
  1. Hotel Guests List Their Rants, Raves for the Year By Melanie Nayer, highlights a recent survey indicating that hotel guests are more likely to give positive feedback than negative and that the same consumers complaints still top the lists year after year.
  2. Mapping Sandy’s impact on US hotel demand By Stephen R. Hennis, uses a series of maps to demonstrate the impact of Hurricane Sandy not just on a regional level but on a national basis. Very interesting results.
  3. Priceline Buys Kayak for $1.8 Billion Expanding in Travel By Ari Levy and Danielle Kucera, report on the transaction that will sure impact the hotel and lodging industry by moving closer to one-stop shopping for travel plans.

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