Each week Mintek will bring you selected links to stories about EAM & CMMS systems, as well as news for our two largest industries Cable and Lodging.


In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on asset, document and maintenance management, as well as, inspections and other topics related to EAM and CMMS software.

  1. How reactive is your performance? By Stanton McGroarty, CMfgE, CMRP, discusses why a target of less than 5% emergency work should be the target of maintenance intensive organizations because of the high costs as well as the rolling impact on regular maintenance activities.
  2. Train Wreck Highlights Transportation Maintenance Needs By Stuart Smith M.B.A., M.S.,reports on a maintenance issue that most likely caused ahead-on train wreck in Austria.
  3. Predictions on Top Workplace Management Trends for 2013 Released by Azure Software, on where the workplace management market is headed and recent technical advancements that will help businesses improve productivity, enhance collaboration, and reduce real estate and other operational costs

Cable News

In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on cable industry trends and challenges.

  1. Time Warner Cable Restructures By Mike Farrell, reports on a major change by TWC to reorganize according to business units instead if the traditional regional silos.
  2. FCC CHAIRMAN JULIUS GENACHOWSKI ANNOUNCES NEW BROADBAND ACCELERATION INITIATIVE ACTIONS News Release from the FCC announcing new actions designed at removing barriers to broadband build-out, including streamlining the deployment of mobile broadband infrastructure, such as towers, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cells.
  3. ENERGY EFFICIENCY, COST-REDUCTION STRATEGIES ON THE AGENDA FOR SCTE SEMI FORUM 2013 Posted on the SCTE website announcing the growing importance of green strategies for energy management in the cable industry.

Lodging News

In this section we will include articles from around the web (including ours) that will focus on the Lodging industry trends and challenges.

  1. Hotel Impossible – Telemark Lodge By Stuart Smith M.B.A., M.S., recaps the last episode of Hotel Impossible noting what Hoteliers can learn from the show.
  2. The hotel spa recovery begins By Andrea Foster and Robert Mandelbaum, reporting on why Spa revenues have increased on average over 8% and expenses only 5.5% indicating that Spas are back in the public eye.
  3. Deloitte survey examines travel loyalty By HNN Newswire, suggests that brand loyalty has taken a nosedive as consumers are more concerned about value, comfort and location. The report also suggests that social media is only having a marginal influence.

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