There was an interesting news story by David Ranii and John Murawski recently discussing an oil leak that maintenance workers had found at the nuclear plant. The leak was discovered by workers changing a filter at one of the main generators. The result was a shut down of the plant and avoidance of major environmental issues. If you ever had doubt as to the true value of maintenance schedules and preventive maintenance then this incident should convince you to look into a CMMS/EAM solution.

How it was discovered:

  • Maintenance workers went out to the site to perform scheduled maintenance by replacing a filter on a generator used to convert steam into electricity
  • When replacing the filter they noticed an oil leak
  • The plant was immediately shut down until repairs were made

Had maintenance not been scheduled the leak could well have manifested itself into a disaster of nuclear proportions. Making sure maintenance is performed, equipment inspection and doing preventive maintenance are all part of an EAM.

Cost of parts – $10& plus

Cost of Labor – $ 100 plus

Cost of EAM – $ 10,000 plus

Cost of averting a nuclear disaster – “Priceless”

Share your stories with us of disasters you have or have not avoided using  a CMMS/EAM solution.