The Trump Hotel Collection said last week that a year-long breach of its credit card system may have resulted in a theft of cards used at the hotels.

On a website created to share details about the hack, The Trump Hotel Collection said, the breach affects customers who used their credit or debit cards at the hotels between May 19, 2014, and June 2, 2015.

The Trump organization also made a statement that while the independent forensic investigator did not find evidence that information was taken from the Hotel’s systems, it appears that there may have been unauthorized malware access to payment card information as it was inputted into the payment card systems.

This is not the only compromise that has happened within the last year. There have been a string of credit card breaches involving hotel brands, restaurants, and retail establishments. One hotel group had acknowledged that their system had been compromised twice in a 12-month span in several locations.

Several companies are switching over to chip-based cards due to higher security for their customers. However, effective October 1, 2015 U.S. based merchants that have not yet installed card readers will assume responsibility for the cost of fraud from counterfeit cards. This could be a lengthy expense for those who don’t make the switch or aren’t making it fast enough.

Nine Advantages of a CMMS for Hotels

According to a January 2015 report by the Identity Theft Resource Center, data breaches reached an all-time high of 783 that shows private networks and servers are not completely covered when it comes to hackers. Your customer data is no exception either.

The need to secure data grows constantly, and the best way to protect your customers and assets is through a CMMS.

The advantages of a CMMS system don’t stop with the local facility; a web-based CMMS offers many advantages to corporate corporations too.

Below are a list of the top nine corporate advantages of implementing a CMMS into your hotel or resort.

  1. CMMS provides a real-time look at maintenance problems across all properties and identifies costs, trends, and replacement items
  2. The system ensures corporate policies are being followed
  3. The ability to monitor inspection schedules
  4. The standardization of maintenance practices
  5. A web-based CMMS allows for two types of setup: hosted or non-hosted solutions, so meaning the customer can host the software
  6. Mobility is increased when using a CMMS especially when mobile handheld devices are integrated into the maintenance management routine
  7. The establishment of a historical asset database
  8. A decrease in maintenance expenses
  9. Greater customer experiences

These are not the only advantages a CMMS maintenance solution can offer, but it does provide corporate hotel management with enough information to recognize that maintenance should not be considered a back office operation.

Good maintenance management can  impact the bottom line of any hotel as well as increase maintenance visibility. Investing in a CMMS solution is critical to survival in today’s marketplace.