In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Federal initiatives to reduce greenhouse gasses and of course green beverages, Mintek proclaims Green to be the official color of preventive maintenance. Truth be told, I was just amazed at the number of preventive maintenance links, specials and stories found on the internet today. It is funny how people understand the concept of preventive maintenance when it comes to automobiles, home repairs as well as others items used in their day-to-day lives, yet only see the costs, not the benefits when it comes to business.

The Color of Green

There are of course different shades of green. Some examples include:

  • Embarrassment green, also known as less green beverage money, usually occurs when people forget to change the oil in their cars or rotate their tires. The result is unexpected and expensive engine repairs or tire replacement. The same principle can be applied to home maintenance problems.
  • Not thinking clearly green, this shade normally occurs the moment someone goes to work and makes a decision not to spend company money on preventive maintenance tasks in a misguided attempt to save the company money. The cash savings are usually short-lived and hence this color money is hard to see.
  • Look what I found green, great for celebrating St Patrick’s day. This bright shade is the result of using a little common sense in your day to day life. Preventive maintenance is a great way to make all your important assets last longer resulting in less out of pocket expenditures. Money well earned always looks great.
  • Bonus green, a business favorite, goes great with a bottle of wine. This is the brightest of all shades of green. The color is often associated with extreme feelings of joy. It occurs when corporate decision makers understand the ROI for preventive maintenance programs that enable then to exceed bonus milestones through cost reductions and labor savings.

Seeing Brighter Greens

Getting brighter greens (personal and professionally) is easier than most people realize. There are two basic requirements that must be met in order for people to see the bright shades of green in both their personal and professional lives.

  • The first requirement is common sense. In other words, the value and reasoning behind preventive maintenance does not change when you go to work. Although the numbers may vary the principal is the same.
  • The second requirement is to become familiar with your assets. The only differences between personal and company assetsare the quantity, size and value. Becoming familiar with business assets is not difficult with the use of an EAM/CMMS system. These computerized systems help organize and track all assets. They also automate the scheduling of preventive maintenance.

We want everyone to enjoy St Patrick’s Day and see as much green as possible. When you return to work tell us if you see new shades of green.

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