This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Hospitals.

Why Preventive Maintenance Helps Hospitals

Hospital administration is a very complex function as management must handle daily interaction with physicians, nurses, support staff, pharmaceutical companies, facilities staff, vendors and insurance companies. The interaction of these groups help make the image that each hospital has. Perhaps the most critical of these groups is facilities department which is responsible for maintenance management.

“The maintenance and repair (M&R) requirements of healthcare facilities are more demanding than those of most other facilities. The high intensity of use, long operating hours (24-hours per day for most primary care hospitals) and specialized equipment all lead to a relatively high maintenance workload usually fulfilled by a staff of tradesmen and supervisors.”
Source: Peter Lufkin, Whitestone Research

Facilities staff for maintenance and repair includes HVAC mechanics, electricians, plumbers, computer specialist, and others tradesmen. A hospital’s ability to provide quality asset and maintenance management to keep equipment functioning is critical to the image in the community and their ranking as a hospital. Most importantly, functioning equipment helps to save lives.

A Software-as-a-Service preventive maintenance solution helps handle hospital needs by:

  • Organizing the work flow
  • Scheduling work orders
  • Scheduling preventive maintenance which reduces reactive work orders
  • Increasing staffing flexibility as work is prioritized and reactive maintenance is decreased

If the average hospital has 35 maintenance and repair support staff instituting a SaaS preventive maintenance solution will also have cost saving benefits for:

  • A reduction in labor costs due to efficiencies gained
  • Lengthening of the equipment’s life cycle reducing capital expenditures and easing capital planning
  • Reducing accident liability through accurate maintenance history

SaaS preventive maintenance solutions are easy to integrate and learn. Transcendent features greatly reduce if not completely eliminate the paper flow normally associated with work requests. The use of handheld devices will also expedite inspections and the ability to spot check trouble spots. Don’t let hospital maintenance and repair needs dominate your time.