This article will explain why Transcendent makes a good (CMMS) for inspecting park assets.

Inspecting Pavilions and Other Park Structures

As the summer approaches many families will head to Federal and State parks for to take advantage of trails, BBQ, parties, sightseeing or water related activities. Many parks that have been closed (or open only on weekends) for the winter will open full time Memorial Day weekend.

During the off season, maintenance is kept at a minimum. However, in order to prepare for the summer months, park management needs to inspect public areas including pavilions and other public areas to ensure the structures and facilities are safe for use.

Inspecting park assets goes beyond a simple walk through by park rangers. Park assets should be inspected for weathering, safety hazards as every year it seems there is a news report of a pavilion collapsing as a result of unchecked storm damage, age, insects or wear and tear. These accidents often involve injury to multiple persons and result in lawsuits.

Inspecting Park Assets Reduces Liability Claims

The most efficient way to inspect park assets is to make use of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS). A CMMSorganizes park assets so that inspections and preventive maintenance can be scheduled in the most efficient manner using mobile handheld devices.

Inspection results are then transmitted back to park managers so that work requests or work orders can be created and scheduled. Maintenance staff receives the work orders and completes as instructed. The results are stored in the CMMS providing a complete maintenance record of all assets.

Because the CMMS records all work management activity, should an unfortunate accident occur, park management can produce maintenance history that show the accident was not a result of neglect.